Thursday, July 26, 2007

I surrender

I knew that our daily schedule would change shortly after arriving, it always does. I just didn't' remember how drastic the change would be. My neighbors all said that I would have to change my ways in order to manage life here. As a stubborn independent American I was slow to agree. The days passed and our jet lag has subsided and we still can't find a daily routine that we are comfortable with so I have surrendered to the hours that Greeks keep, at least Greeks on vacation.
For us, a typical day begins at 9:30am. We crawl out of bed put our swimming suits on and walk over to Yia Yia's (grandma's)condo. There we have a long leisurely breakfast that takes about an hour or so to finish. We still have a hard time with that. Today Kosta suggested that we find some cornflakes at a local store and just have that for breakfast-its quick and easy.
Next, I take Alexandra back to our condo for her morning nap while Kosta and Yia Yia take the kids swimming.
At about 2pm (or as close to it as possible) we have a long lunch. So far Yia Yia has made stuffed peppers, pastichio, faslolakia, briam and much more, so we are eating well. There is bread at every meal which is killing me because thus far my kids were only familiar with wheat bread which they would have only a few days a week. Bread is so bad for us!!!-but its also so yummy! :)
After our long lunch the kids take a nap at like 3:30pm or 4pm! Yep, it bugs the hell out of me and I tried to resist but if they don't sleep at all they turn into little monsters. I wake them up at around 6pm and then we go swimming again. We swim until about 8:30 or 9pm and then take showers only to sit down for dinner at 9:30 or 10pm. After dinner we may go for a walk or sometimes(if we are lucky) the kids want to go to bed.
Last week we went out for dinner at a local taverna at 10:30pm. It was completely packed. I would have never even considered taking my kids anywhere at night past 8pm in the States, but here its a lot different. It was nearly a disaster though because the kids were falling apart as each minute ticked by.
So, I surrender. As long as we are at the summer house I will just try to enjoy myself and stop trying to maintain any routine.


  1. LOL. I'm not even sure they have a Greek word for routine!

  2. Bah! You just got here, it's summer, it's hot and you should give yourself a break. There's plenty of time to be stubborn later :)

    We rise early, eat early dinner, use little or no olive oil, eat no bread, don't take naps, exercise like hell and go to sleep 'round midnight. But there was a time when I fit clubbing into that same schedule, Greek school and homework. I think I slept 3 hours a day.

    You'll find what's right for you.

    P.S. It's great that you're writing - no research necessary.

  3. Mel,
    You make me laugh! In my family here, the routine involves buying more bread and waiting for the misimeri nap. Its not too horrible:)

    You are funny too! You must be a lot younger than me to have fit clubbing into the mix! I can't remember the last time that I went clubbing. I hope to at least once before summer is over. We went out for a drink last week and I nearly fell asleep walking home! I think that my kids need to be a little older first. oh, and I can't wait to try to fit some exercise into my life! Good for you that you do!!

  4. I am surprised you guys eat soo late. I wish I could go swimming twice a day. It has been raining off and on the last couple of days , and was really hot on Wednesday. Miss you all, I was soo happy to talk with my little Foti the other day ! Talk to you soon.

  5. Cheryl - Well remember, you married earlier in life and now have 3 kids. I'm only now getting married and have no children. I keep telling myself I'll fit children into my life and maintain all the other stuff, but I know it'll be the other way around. There's a fine line between hope and denial ;)