Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Izabella's Santa picture

Well, it' s been a while since I've posted one of Izabella's drawings so I decided that
there's no better time than Christmas to share another. She' drawn hundreds but this is one of my favorites.
It's Christmas Eve and we're preparing to have a house full tomorrow. I know it's kind of silly to blog when I have to start some more dishes and straighten up the house but I just wanted to pop online to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It's just like me to do something like that. I think that I work best under pressure.
Tomorrow we're having MIL , SIL , Iza's godfather and another friend here for Christmas dinner. I'm making a multicultural type of feast. We'll have turkey the American way complete with stuffing and mashed potatoes on the side. Puerto Rican rice will be on the table as well as eggplant salad, tzaziki, tigania, green salads and a lot more. I just hope that everything goes well. It's Christmas after all:)

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I hope your Christmas is loud, cheerful, and as stress free as possible with all the work you've got to do. We did ours very quietly yesterday with a little 'Merican, a little Swedish, and a little French food.

    I love the drawing. What an artiste!

    Merry Christmas, God jul, Bon Noel.

  2. Thank you! It was all of the above! I'm glad that you had a nice holiday as well. Love the blend of foods that were on your table. I've got a splash of Swedish blood in my soma and love all of the food that comes with that side of my family!

    Thanks for complimenting Iza's drawing. She draws at least 20 pictures a day, really. I love it. Foti is more like his daddy(likes to fix things) so he doesn't really draw too much and little Alexandra is already handy with crayons.

    I like your greetings...all three languages! Love the French the always sounds sooooo beautiful.

    Enjoy the rest of the year!!

  3. I got the photo show, thank you !!! Looks like the kids had a good time! I miss them all very much!

  4. Enjoy your somewhat reasonably priced turkey and hopefully you didn't suffer too much. You know what I'm talking about. Was thinking about you while we were at our "thing" and sending you good mojo.

    Cute drawing!

  5. it was great talking to you today. Iza's drawing is so cute! Happy New Year!
    L, P, C, and S

  6. Very cute picture - I love the teetering boxes of presents on Santa's sleigh and Rudolph prominently displayed. Hope you had a great Christmas - the foods sounds like it was delicious! Happy New Year!!

  7. Pumpkin- We miss you too. Xmas wasn't the same without you running the kitchen!!

    Kat-Thanks for sending the mojo my way, I think that it worked! Funny, I was thinking about you & your thing too! Good to know that we both survived ! :)

    Hanel2bears- It was WONDERFUL talking to you also! We'll talk again soon! Happy New Year to all of you as well!!

    Laurie- Happy New Year to you as well! I can't wait until you report what was on your you're the awesome cook!
    About Iza's drawing, I know, she has every little detail in there! That's why I loved this one so much. I can't wait to see what she does next year.

  8. Well, I don't know about awesome, but I do like to cook! I just finished my last post about our Christmas Eve meal (I planned 7 dishes, so I did 7 posts so I can find them again when I want them!) But I still have to write up what I brought to the Christmas Day potluck we attended - it's hard to keep up what with all the seasonal festivities! I'm going to read your latest posts and then go get some very well-deserved sleep!!