Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Garden gate...

Here's a gate on the property that we never use. I think that the vines curled around it with their orange flowers are beautiful.


  1. I love those flowers Cheryl! Our neighbor across the street has a zillion of them on their wall. Do you by any chance know what they are called in English??

  2. Hi Cheryl, really a beautiful view, full of colours.

  3. Laurie, I know I love them too. I've been told what the name is in Greek but I can't remember it. I'll ask again. But, I do know that we had to remove a lot of it because it started to spread in the olive grove. It's beautiful but it's like a weed, once you plant it you'll never see the end of it. My neighbor wanted some "reeses"-not the candy:)- and her husband wouldn't let her take any because of how quickly this plant spreads.

    Philip-Thank you. It's something that we walk by each day and don't really notice unless we stop to take a look.

    Maria, thank you!

  4. Laurie, I've identified the plant-it's called a "trumpet vine", "trumpet creeper" or "cow-itch vine". Here's a link...


  5. Very serene...captured the gate & flowers nicely!