Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flavors of Autumn

Peppers & tomatoes at the end of their growing season. 

 Chestnuts are available at the laiki.

Our pomegranates are so sweet and juicy, mice have eaten most of them before we could pick any.

Mr. George gave us beautiful grapes from his vineyard. 

My neighbor is growing pumpkins. 

Apple-Cinnamon muffins...the children's new favorite treat.  

Persimmons...so sweet and beautiful. 

The best dessert I've has this autumn...κυδώνι με χαλβά (baked quince with halva). Absolutely dreamy. I can't wait to recreate this dish.  


  1. I almost fell off my sofa when I saw your new blog post! Love the autumn flavours and I'd love to recreate that Halva with kidonia!

  2. what a beautiful ode to the bounty of the greek autumn harvest. and that dessert is completely innovative — i bet some restaurants here in the states would love to have that on their menus!

  3. Peter...you make me laugh! haha...I'm glad you like the autumn flavors. I thought I'd ease back into the blogosphere with something simple. The dessert was astounding, and you know my kids were fighting over every last bite! :)

    Amanda...Thank you! Yes, the bounty is amazing. Most of the veggies are gifted to us by either our gardener or our neighbors. That dessert was incredible. I have some quince left on our trees...I want to try make it. Yes, the U.S...they would love it!

  4. what a richness of nature and possibility of a choice

  5. Hello Ola! Yes, it's very nice to have so much freshness here. I hope you are well. :

  6. That beautifulst surprised you have made me. Rincontrarti this morning through your splendid photos that speak alone is pure magic.
    I have often thought you know to you?A great embrace.

  7. Good morning Anna Maria, thank you for such a sweet,kind comment. I'm coming back to blogging after a long break. I've missed you...hugs back to you. xoxo !

  8. @ Phivos...thank you so much. :)