Thursday, December 15, 2011

In The Fog

Yesterday morning as I was getting the kids ready for school I noticed that there was a dull gray light seeping between the slats of the closed shutters- instead of the golden-pink glow that I've been enjoying for the last week or so. This could only mean one thing- and that's fog.  I love fog. Some people find it dreary and depressing but I find it tranquil and beautiful. After I dropped the kids off at school I had about a half hour to take some photos. I couldn't wait. Here are just a few photos that I took yesterday morning. 

On the way to school...

Near the sea...

Here's a barrel left by fishermen, the coals still smoldering from earlier in the morning. 

The red boat  of which I've taken so many photos, now I have a photo of it in the fog. 

At home...
A walk through our olive grove. 

The field- normally we have a view of Mt. Olympus & the sea. 

Tarzan looking out into a field of fog. 

And finally of my favorites from this shoot, a spiderweb made visible by the moisture in the air. I would love a macro lens for days like this, I can only imagine how beautiful this would be if the droplets were apparent. 



  1. Splendid photos.
    I love fog.With its ample leaves uncertain boundaries to the imagination.
    It seems to be suspended from the Earth.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful shots.See you soon.

  2. I also like fog but not too often:)
    Nice to see you again!

  3. @ Annamaria...Thank you so much! I know a lot of people find fog creepy, but I really enjoy it. It's always nice to hear from you. I hope you're enjoying the Holiday season. Have a wonderful weekend!

    @ Ola...I agree, it's not something we need too often, I probably wouldn't enjoy it if I had to deal with it all of the time. Nice to see you as well! Happy Holidays...have a great weekend!

  4. cheryl, happy holidays to you and your family
    this has to be one of the best photos albums in your collection!

  5. Thank you so much Maria! Xronia Polla & Wishing you only the best for the new year ahead! xoxo

  6. So beautiful photos!
    Love your blog! Nice finding you!
    Visit me at:

  7. Elpiniki--thank you so much for your kind words and welcome! I think your blog might be useful to me as I'm always trying new Greek dishes to surprise my family with. Have a wonderful night. :)

  8. Stunning pictures as always Cheryl!! Happy New Year and much more beautiful photography!!!

  9. Phivos...thank you so much!I hope to share more of what I see this year. Happy New Year to you!

  10. Cheryl, χρόνια πολλά και καλή χρονιά, με υγεία και ότι επιθυμείς!
    Πολλές ευχές και στην οικογένεια σου!
    Λατρεύω κι εγώ την ομίχλη, αλλά δεν είχα την τύχη να την συναντήσω.
    Οι φωτογραφίες σου είναι τόσο όμορφες, σαν όνειρο!

  11. Οι ημερες με ομιχλη και καταχνια ειναι ιδανικες για ενα ειδος φωτογραφιας που αποπνεει καλλιτεχνικη ατμοσφαιρα!
    Υπεροχες οι καταγραφες σου δειχνουν πως η δημιουργια βρισκεται παντου.
    Σου ευχομαι καλη χρονια,υγεια και χαρα στο σπιτι σας.

  12. Amazing photos! Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

  13. Absolutely Spectacular photos of the fog ! ! Brilliant ! The post was nice too. Cool.


  14. @magda - Ευχαριστώ πολύ! I hope that your year is off to a great start. Thank you for your kind words! :)

    @kostas --- Ευχαριστώ πολύ! It's been quite and interesting year for weather thus far, and I've enjoyed taking many photos of the snow.

    @mia maria...Thank you so much. I apologize for the delayed response. I wish the same for you! :)

    @AJ Thank you so much for visiting and even more for the compliment! Have a great weekend.