Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carnival/Apokries 2012

Carnival season is over once again, it has passed quickly. It seems the older the kids get, the more hurried my life gets...I know, it's inevitable. This year we had several parties to attend so the kids were able to wear their costumes more than once. 

Alexandra's first costume- she dressed as a princess- not a particular princess- just a princess. She became irritated when people would ask her which princess she was. 

The wigs don't stay on long once they get to the party- we're quite familiar with Princess Alexandra. 

Izabella's costume - the package said that it was a rock star of sorts, but no one could figure it out. She's not interested in anything girly so this was perfect for her. 

Alexandra as Hannah Montana. 

Foti dressed as Anakin Skywalker again this year, he loves Star Wars. He had a fantastic time throwing confetti and other party paraphernalia at me. 


Clean Monday
First Day of Lent 

  After all of the parties and other carnival activities we always look forward to Clean Monday/Katheri Deftera so that we can fly our kites and eat lagana. Traditionally, lagana is only eaten once a year.
The forecast called for rain, and it did rain all morning. The picnic we planned to attend was scheduled for 11:00 am but we decided to forgo the picnic and just wait for the rain to stop so that we could fly our kites. 

It turns out that it stopped raining around noon so we decided to venture out for our lagana and also pass by the picnic. Lucky for us, the picnic was still in progress-although there were very few people out. We tried to fly our kites before we ate our food but funny enough, there was hardly a breeze. So, we ate. 

Enjoying our fasolada. 

The fasolada at our local picnic was made by my friend's father. It was delicious & warm, perfect for such a gloomy day. 

Foti loved the fasolada. LOVED it. 

Someone brought an empty yogurt container so that they could take some fasolada home- what a great idea! Anyway, look at those huge pots of fasolada and that beautiful, homemade Imiglikos. The wine was sweet and went down easy- too bad I had to drive and fly kites or I might have indulged in a second cup. 

Picnic fare...taramosalata, picantiki salad, olives,  Makedonikos halvas and lagana to accompany the fasolada. Everything was tasty. 

After the picnic we drove to a different beach to try flying our kites again. It was a little easier to get the kites up in the air this time but much more difficult to keep them flying because it became extremely windy. 


Iza's kite flew very well. 


After spending a few hours in the cold wind we returned home to eat more of the traditional foods. I originally planned to make more salads but since we had already eaten a little at the picnic, we didn't need much. I made fasolada early in the morning and it was simmering for hours. I've been using my friend Maria's recipe for the last few years and we love it. Although, I have to add that I didn't use celery in this batch and I was worried that there might be a difference in taste. It wasn't a noticeable difference and it turned out absolutely delicious. 

Alexandra loves lagana! 


~Kali Sarakosti~


  1. It seems like your kids did enjoy carnival:)
    I would love to try this fasolada:)

    Life and travelling

  2. Hi Ola! Thank you so much, they really did enjoy themselves. I have a link to the fasolada recipe in the post, give it a try!
    Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  3. your kids are precious, cheryl - and they are growing up a lot since i first starting reading your blog!

    p.s. i love fasolada - good meal for cold weather, eh?

  4. Amanda...thank you so much, they are so precious. They have really grown a lot since I started the blog, it's incredible when I look back and reflect. And yes, fasolada is perfect for cold weather, and on Clean Monday it was so comforting. I suggested that I make it for dinner tomorrow & was met with "no, we want fakes"...so the lentils win again.

  5. Love all your pictures. They are so beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you Phivos, we had a nice time this last Carnival season. :)

  6. cute kids! that soup looks so good, will have to google a recipe!


    1. @The Gloria Record...thank you. Click on the word "fasolada" under the photo of the soup-that's the link to the recipe I used. Thank you so much for your kind words and your visit! Have a wonderful weekend. :):)