Friday, July 17, 2009

Gorgeous Halkidiki

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to have the time and the opportunity to drive to Halkidiki. The kids were staying with Yia Yia and I had the daunting task of retrieving them. I had planned to spend the afternoon and I stuck with my plan.

As soon as we arrived, Alexandra wanted to change into her swimming suit-she couldn't wait to test the warm, welcoming waters in front of her. So, we changed and enjoyed the beach for a few hours.
The waters were so clear and calm that afternoon, which is typical for Halkidiki beaches. We swam, played games and enjoyed a meal with Yia Yia before heading home.

On the drive home, I stopped at one of our favorite spots so that the kids could step out of the car and have a look at the incredible view. I feel that they're finally old enough for me not to have a panic attack as I watch them look down the cliff side. I'm relieved to say that they handled themselves well.
Kosta and I used to ride a moped around the peninsula and stop at various places to take a break, enjoy a great view and/or swim. Can you blame us for loving this view?

Alexandra was excited to watch a boat pass by.

I couldn't resist capturing one more breathtaking view before heading home. Halkidiki is one reason that I agreed to move to Greece, it's so irresistible. I really need to make more time for myself to get there!


  1. Ahhh, it won't be long now before I take a dive into that crystal blue sea.

  2. Peter, just a few more weeks! :)

  3. You are very brave, not even a view like that could entice me to live in Greece. My sweetie wanted to do it once and I told him it was a deal breaker. But to visit, anytime and only 7 weeks or so until we get there again. Looking forward to some nice weather, we haven't had much of a summer here this year...ciao

  4. Gorgeous! Wish I was there, next visit to Greece, it's on the list.
    Take care,

  5. Oh Cheryl, aren't we so very very lucky!!
    I love this place as much as you love your area, I can tell!!
    Here's to many months of swimming in that wonderful warm crystal clear sea..

  6. We managed to get a swim in yesterday down at Nafplio. I don't know about you but I find a swim in the sea has an amazingly calming effect on the kids. They love it so much and get totally exhausted too!

  7. Rositta, it's a place that I've lived for months at a time, I dreamed of it when in the U.S...if I was going to be in Greece, I wanted to be near. Life isn't easy here, but when summer rolls around I feel like I've been rewarded for surviving winter as well as the eccentricities that I deal with daily. And honestly, not too much bothers me anymore.
    The weather will be waiting for you and so will I! Can't wait to have a cup of joe with you! Don't forget:)

    Angela-I hope that you make it up north too, it is gorgeous.

    Jude, YES! We are lucky to live in such a paradise...because it can be paradise. I love the sea, so yes, here's to many months of swimming in paradise! :)

    Liz, yes...the kids love the sea. They can spend hours & hours in the water. It's hard to extract them! I do love how exhausted they get-but then again-so do I!
    Enjoy your summer...:)

  8. Cheryl, I'm going to try very hard to convince my sweetie to drive to the north. He says it's along way from Athens. But we'll see how it goes. He has to clear out his late Mom's apartment on this trip and that will be a job in itself. Oh the sun and sand, can hardly wait...ciao

  9. No pressure Rositta:) If you're going to make it up north just let me know. It is a long trip from down south. And, having to clear out an apt. won't be an easy task, good luck with that.

  10. is...isn't it?
    Maybe we could visit it together...:)

    Phivos...yes! I love it for it's beauty...absolutely:)