Friday, July 10, 2009

Make it...

When you have a 7 hour layover in an airport...
there's not another soul at your terminal ...
you've spent 8 euro on a pack of gum and throat lozenges...
and another 6 euro on a bottle of water and a measly cup of fruit...

you know that one of your very best friends in the world is gallivanting in the same city...
but due to work obligations...
and the fact that you've just spent quality time goofing around in his studio...
ate at a 5 star restaurant...
as well as ordered pizzas...
neither of you bother to make plans to meet.

So then, you pick up your camera and make it happen...

you take pictures of airplanes...

as well as cool little bikes that the maintenance workers use to collect and haul trash & recyclables. ( I was really tempted to steal this and have a few turns around the airport)

and of course, the remnants of your overpriced snack.


  1. I hope all those hours of waiting were worthwhile and you ended up somewhere nice...ciao

  2. Gorgeous photos by an experiensed photographer!!

  3. Nice pictures. Airports can be the most boring places sometimes.

  4. As we have to spend many wasted hours in Athens airport in the winter waiting for connections to the UK, I know exactly what you mean. Love the use of black and white.

  5. so this is it-that-should-not-be-named?
    wish i were with you for the photography session

  6. Rositta, Yes-worthwhile indeed. I was waiting on my way home from the U.S.-hadn't seen my family in 17 days...I was anxious and bored:)

    Phivos, thank you so much...your encouragement is always appreciated! :)

    Cupcakes-Thank you! Yes, airports can be stagnant and extremely boring -especially when traveling alone. I also want to say thank you for becoming a follower, I'm flattered.:)

    Jude, thank you! I love B&W photography, especially when taking portraits. I love how timeless they can appear.
    I haven't had to sit in Athens for quite a while but I empathize!

    Maria, LOL! I had to look at that first line for a second before it clicked. No, this isn't it-that-should-not-be-named...:)
    These pics were taken at the airport in Frankfurt back in April, when was returning from the U.S. ---the trip that got lost from my blog as I've been so busy.
    I wish that you could have been there too! A photo shoot with you or me riding that bike would be hilarious, because I would have taken it for a ride if it were a photo'opp! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend Maria!

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    I love the pictures. I love airports, people watching, guessing where others are headed off to. I love to travel, that's probably why I love airports. I think you have a new calling, photographer?
    Take care,

  8. oh i see, this post came too close to your most recent trip...

  9. Angela, Thank you...I love guessing in airports too. About my calling...thank you. I've gone to school for photography, I've been taking pics for very, very long time...I've been paid for work and also had some displayed. I've done a few weddings for friends and a baptism or two. I don't consider myself a pro as it's more of a hobby for me. Recently, a friend of mine wrote a book and I took a few snaps for her and they'll be used in the book-so then I'll technically be published- but things with that deal aren't going smoothly. Thank you for the compliment. :)

    Maria, yes...I know, the timing is very close. I kept looking at this set of pics and wondered how i could use them.
    We drive to the "other place"...haha. It's only an hour from Kozani. So, when I take MIL it's about a 3 hour drive for me each way. But, a drive nonetheless. I did take pics of my time there...hopefully I'll share soon.

  10. Outrageous they should charge so much! Cool post!