Friday, December 11, 2009

Church at Sunset

Taking a walk at sunset one evening I took a few photos of a church. This is one of my favorites.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Busy weekend???
    Lovely evocative photo Cheryl.
    Hope the bruises don't last too long... I always used bribery..whatever!!!

  2. Good morning Jude :)
    Yes, we'll be very busy. How about you? What's going on in Crete? ;P Yes, my bruises! haha She got me good. And, sometimes bribing them is the only way to get anything done so I use it...whatever it takes!! :):):)

    Thank you for the compliment and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Beautiful image! Thanks for doing your part to help me forget the mountain of snow outside my door.

  4. @Maria - Thank you. Have a great weekend!

    @Slamdunk- Welome! I'm glad that you like it. Thank you for visiting & enjoy the weekend:)

    @Constance-Hello Constance! I'm happy to spread warmth! I heard about all of the snow in WI! I can honestly say that as much as I love snow, I don't miss that much of it!
    Thank you for the compliment. Have a nice weekend :)

  5. Xronia Polla, Cheryl, kai kali xronia se olous...your blog is so lovely. I love the photos. Merry Christmas from Tennessee--Iosifina.

  6. So beautiful picture. Have a great weekend!

  7. @ Iosifina - EFXARISTO POLI!!!
    What a beautiful comment. Wishing you the best this Holiday season and A VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

    You make me smile :)Merry Christmas!!

    @ Phivos - You make me smile too! :):)
    As always, thank you for your compliment and kind words. Have a wonderul, wonderful Sunday!!
    Hugs from Thessaloniki!

  8. Cheryl, What an alluring photo. There is almost a quiet gracefulness to such views. It's like free therapy providing peace on any troubling day.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  9. Biddy,
    Thank you! I have a few more from this set that I'll share eventually.
    Because this is our view daily it's sometimes hard to stop and take a look. But then, I have friends like you to remind me to do so!!
    Have a wonderful new week Biddy!

  10. Beautiful sunset. Sorry for being so late to pass from your blog but this time of the year there are so many things to be done and so little time.

  11. Ivy,

    Thank you! No worries, it's always nice to have you here- I know how busy life can get. I've been having a hard time getting around to my favorite blogs & even more difficult time finishing a simple post. :)

    Have a great day Ivy!!

  12. Churches look great in whatever way one photographs. You've however taken an outstanding take!

    Indian Myna [मैना]

  13. Bhavesh Chhatbar--

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment. Have a great day:)

  14. beautiful choice then. wonderful shape and colors

  15. Vaggelis,
    Thank you.
    Have a great evening.