Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morning at the Pet Shop

Izabella gets smothered with puppy kisses

Tuesday morning we had to stop at our local pet shop and it's always an adventure for the kids. There are new puppies at the shop and the family that runs it is so wonderful that they let the kids interact with the animals. We're welcome to visit whenever we want and feed the birds or play with the puppies.  Enjoy the photos from yesterday's visit:

This Macaw would have loved to peck the camera!

They're so cute, I'm speechless...

African Grey Parrot clinging on to its peanut. 

Alexandra is smothered in puppy love.

Pretty colors, I think this is an Amazon Parrot but I'm not sure.

So irresistibly soft and fuzzy...

Izabella feeding a parrot.

Until our next visit...


  1. Oh this sounds like a wonderful shop, and the puppies are so darling. Love the bird.

    Looks like a fun filled day. My girls love the pet shop.

    .•:*¨¨*:•.Blessings*¨2 U 4¨**¨¨*the holidays .•:*¨¨*:•.


  2. Heidi-
    Hello, your comments are so lively and sweet! Very refreshing :)
    The shop is wonderful and the family that owns the shop are golden. We're lucky to have such a personal experience when we visit.

    Hugs to you and your beautiful family!

    Have a great day:)

  3. That is so nice that the owners are like that. It's great for the animals and the kids! I bet they just love going there! I know I would.

    How do you resist those little puppy faces?

  4. Oooh, I'm sure the kids enjoy visiting everytime. It's like going to the zoo.

  5. Liz,

    Good morning! Yes, it's really nice for the kids. They want to go all of the time! I love visiting too:)
    Have a great day!


    Good morning! The love visiting and it's even better than a zoo since that can touch and feed the pets.

    Have a nice day :)

  6. No harsh feelings Cheryl, but I don't like to buy pets. So sorry.

    Alexandra is just loving those puppies :)

    Forest Warbler

  7. Bhavesh Chhatbar-

    No harsh feelings here either, I completely need to be sorry :)

    Yes, Alexandra loved the puppies! She may get to visit with them as they get older since the pet shop owners are keeping them :)

    Have a great night :)

  8. So adorable! Puppies have an almost magical quality, don't they? They can cause instant giggles, infectious smiles, and have the power to pull one out of a gloomy mood. How "plush" their fur looks- I want to play too! I'll bet you are relieved that you already have Gigi...otherwise one of those little fluff balls would probably be riding home in the back seat snuggled up to your daughter.

  9. Biddy,

    Completely adorable! Puppies are magical-and these two are incredible. I love how they are drawn to the children. They run to the girls immediately and smother them with little puppy kisses. These puppies are plush, very soft. I'm relieved that the owners are keeping these two because I was tempted and also I'm happy that they'll have a great home.They named them Samson & Delilah! I believe this is the Greek Shepard and these will grow into very big dogs, very big!

    Have a great evening Biddy :)

  10. Amazing pictures by all means Cheryl. The children and the pets are so cute!! I trust you are a cabable photographer!

  11. Phivos,

    Good morning!! The kids love this shop and its owners-the sentiment is mutual. They're building a great relationship. Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments.:)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

    Hugs from Thessaloniki ~~

  12. Thank you for your comment...Beautifull puppies...

  13. Hi Cheryl,
    Cute pictures of the girls and all those adorable pets!
    What a nice, local shop.
    Take care,

  14. @ Gingeyginge-

    Thank you! They are beautiful puppies. And also, you're most welcome! I love your blog:)

    Have a lovely day!

    @ Angela-

    Thank you Angela! We are lucky to have the shop so near.
    Have a beautiful Sunday!!

  15. I was sad to read that the demonstrations have been marked by violent outbursts. Cheryl, I hope that you have no reason to go into the city today, the situation on the streets sounds dangerous. My thoughts and prayers are with Greece today as well as with your sweet family.

  16. Thank you for your concern & kind words Biddy! We're fine. We spent the day in Kozani and there was only a small, peaceful protest there. We barely noticed it. Thank you.

    Have a nice week Biddy:)