Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Diapers in the septic system

Here's something funny that I can share with all of you...

My family has had there summer condo for 30 years, thus most of the neighbors have been here for that long as well. I can't say that it's a good thing since most of them are pretty old and they spend their summer peeking out their doors and telling each other what to do. It's just annoying.
So, about a week or so after we arrived one of the neighbors, (one of the worst of them), stops Kosta in the yard and tells him that the septic system stinks and is backed up. Then she says that they found a diaper (of all things) in the pipes and that we should stop flushing our diapers down the toilet. Are you kidding me? Is that even possible? Has anyone ever even tried to flush a friggin' diaper in a toilet? Kosta is always so diplomatic and calm and his reply was pretty funny. He advised our neighbor that we don't do that and that maybe she should ask some of the old farts around here what they're doing with their diapers!
So, after a few days the president of the condo association approached Kosta. She is a very sweet woman and I am sure that she is under A LOT of pressure from these people. She also told Kosta that IF we are flushing diapers in the toilet that we need to stop because it will back up the septic system. Again WTF? So he assured her that we don't do that and they parted company. Isn't it just ridiculous? Where do these people think we come from? We had a lot of good laughs over this during the last few weeks.


  1. People love blaming others when they can't admit the truth themselves.

    Non-Greeks or Greeks from abroad get blamed for things that aren't their fault because natives wrongly assume that they're ignorant. I get blamed for stuff even though I've lived here 10 years and probably know more than some natives. Unfortunately, you just have to go with it. Chris (a native) doesn't even bother arguing with these people because he knows they'll never get it.

    What can you do but laugh? :) I laugh a lot!

  2. Who would flush diapers anyway? Geez. Greeks should learn that Americans know better than to flush anything but tp down the toilet - American toilets have zero pressure and don't handle things well, while Greek toilets flush so hard I'm half afraid I'll get sucked up in the pressure!

  3. Hey Ladies!
    I know, I couldn't get worked up about it. I just can't believe that so many people can be so thick. It just isn't common sense so what can I do but laugh and share the story so that others can laugh too!