Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's the air conditioner...

For the last few weeks MIL has had a cold. First she blamed the air conditioner in the car for her dismay. A day or so later I got the cold but I wasn't in the car with her to catch the mysterious virus that brews within the air conditioner. So I tell MIL that it must just be an airborne virus. She gets defensive and screams..." I clean everything in this house with bleach!"
I never blamed her.
The kids get the cold, one by one. Nothing is said about how or where the virus evolved. We all feel better. A week or so has passed and now MIL has another cold. She says it's the air conditioning in the house. As she explains how she feels to our neighbor-the neighbor says, "Be careful, you have AIR CONDITIONING."
It's funny that I was raised with A/C and heat from a furnace (aka forced air) and I was never diagnosed with an illness that was caused by either one. Ay!


  1. Ironically, I only seem to start getting colds once we turn the A/C off for the season and start opening the doors and windows. I'm definitely better off breathing whatever vile organisms come from the A/C rather than the air in the city!

  2. Tell MIL that we've had the air conditioner on since the heat wave and none of us have fallen down with a cold. I'm with Mel, I'm usually more sneezy when we open the door.

    We have the air conditioner filter cleaned or replaced every other year, along with the freon replacement. Molds DO linger in there despite cleanliness of the house. I once worked at a car dealership and kept repeatedly falling ill, as did my colleagues in the office. Once my doctor diagnosed me with having a mold, the filter was changed and everyone was mysteriously healed. So it may not be a virus, but a mold. Ewww

  3. These two women are, most likely, old wives, no?

  4. Mel,
    I know, I often feel worse when I walk outside from the air conditioned house. Just this week I have had really bad headaches that would go away at night and as soon as I walked outside, bam!, the headache was back. I may just be sensitive to heat. ?????

    Kat- I do believe that there may be problems with mold and some systems, as you had a problem where you worked. The thing is, the a/c in MIL's house is one month new, we put in in for her when we put ours in so there is no problem with mold yet> :) I think it's just the blame game again.

    Our landlord told us that there was a mold issue where we are staying so I think that I may be suffering from the effects of that from time to time, but it's not making my whole family sick, especially those who barely step foot in my house.


  5. cheryl, i can't find your direct email -- all is well? i saw stuff about the fires this morning.

    email me: mamafitz AT ameritech DOT net.