Friday, January 23, 2009

Rainy Day

It's raining again...


  1. we had the most incredible storm yesterday - today it was pouring with rain, but the sun has just come out - weatehr for all tastes...

  2. Maria, I think we had that storm today. We even lost power for an hour this morning. Now it's just drizzling but mild so I won't complain.
    Yes, the weather spectrum was wide for you yesterday!

  3. What strange weather we have... no storms, rain, here yesterday but this morning we had muddy rain, so everything is covered, I mean COVERED, in thick mud...

  4. Hi Cheryl. We all became "la pasanger de plui" (pasanger the rain) or traveller of the rain!! Have a nice weekend.

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    We had a week of incredible weather and now snow. I feel your pain!
    Take care,

  6. It was a lot of rain for us! I didn't think it would ever stop. I kept thinking, wow, if it had been snow, we'd have been snowed in. Last couple days we've had crazy crack smoking wind, too. I wouldn't mind it, except it makes the most annoying whistling sound through a keyhole or something somewhere in our house when it is that strong.

  7. Trade least you don't have to shovel the friggen stuff...ciao:)

  8. Jude, wow! Muddy rain? That has to be messy! What a pain. :(

    Philip, yes...I guess that I still have to get used to all of the rain here. And, it's raining again today!

    Angela, I'll take rain over snow any day! I miss Wisconsin but I don't miss the frigid snow and temps! I feel for you!


    "crazy crack smoking wind"...I'm still laughing. That's soooo funny!
    Our wind is mysterious here I can only imagine what's going on up there by you!
    We have a window and a door in the attic that love to slam open and closed on the windy days...the whole house shakes. it can be startling if you aren't familiar with it. Still better than snow though!

    Rositta, your so right! At least I don't have to shovel it. But do you want to know what I have to do? I have to hose down pigeon crap that makes its way down the gutter! Yes, a pigeon has decided to take residence in a gutter and when it pours all of its crap ends up right at my front door! Yay. :)

  9. We're back to 'snowmageddon' where I live. Rain, at least, doesn't have to be shoveled ...

  10. Another storm just #@#$% rolled through here as well and so far we have 20 cm of the white stuff, it's not over yet. Give me rain, please...ciao

  11. Mimi, I do feel for you! I miss snow but not that much. I think that you've had your fill! Let's get on with spring already...:)
    But, here's a new development-tonight the woman that owns the kids' school called and said that the bus can't pick them up in front of our house anymore...too muddy and too many potholes. Crap!

  12. Rositta-Ok, I'll pray for milder temps so that it rains. I really do know what you're talking about. Wisconsin gets just as much snow, usually. Actually, I missed last year's record setting winter of 90-something inches! My knees don't miss the cold temps either. I hope that it warms up soon.