Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yes, I've added a playlist to my page, if you haven't already heard. The player is at the bottom of the page as it wouldn't fit in the sidebar.
I've selected music that you would probably hear if you were in my presence, but most of it is mellow. I'll save the saucy stuff for myself. Besides, I know that a lot of you check the blog while you're supposed to be working and I don't want to get you in trouble for dancing on your desk.
I'm just trying it out and so far I'm leaning toward turning it off. I think that it may be distracting.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Yes, I've toyed with the idea of music but decided against it because I usually have the radio on (BBC News or something) and I have to go frantically around someone's blog to find their off button. Nothing to do with your choice Cheryl, I've had a look and I do listen to most of your choice. Hope you and you family are well, thank you for your kind words over the last few days.
    Take care

  2. I enjoy the music, Tori is one of my favorites and I don't get to hear her that much. But I didn't see any RUSH in your playlist.. lol

  3. Good morning Jude! I have to say...I'm leaning more toward turning in off...and letting my readers decide if they want to listen. I'll probably leave it for the weekend.
    Our family is well, thank you!
    Also, no need for thanks...
    you're in my heart:)
    Have a nice weekend!

    Bel, Thanks! Can't live without Tori & Marc. Actually, I really couldn't live without Marc...haha! He sings to me every day...:)
    As far as Rush, I'm very familiar with their music. We had all of their albums in our home when I was a teenager--my older brother listened to them incessantly. I still do listen to them from time to time and I have your page to help me out with my choices. Have fantastic weekend Bel!

  4. I put one on my blog once too, for about 10 minutes. I decided it didn't really suit me...cia

  5. I think the title of the Leona Lewis song isn't 'Leona Lewis'? Also what about her version of 'Run'. Oh - Sakis? Sakis??!?? GAWD! LOLZ All the best.

    PS. LL 'live' (TOTP) with Run here. Fuller's removed the best version - from X Factor. That was bewilderingly staggering. Don't understand why people do things like that. That performance was such a surprise knockout it let them to release it as a single.

  6. Hey this is even better. It's the Royal Variety from last year and it's really live. even this doesn't compare to the first ever on X Factor. Enjoy!

  7. Rositta, I feel the same's not really me. I can't hear my voice...
    turning it off soon! :) Take care & don't forget to get in touch with me when you're up north!

    Rick, I know...the title of the song, lol! I was having a glass of wine & it was really, really late so I didn't care :)
    The Greek music choices were slim. I do know that my husband wants to clobber me for putting the cliche Zorba music on there. I did, however, intentionally put it there to irritate him.
    Thanks for the great links to LL videos, she's amazing! I'll have to add "Run" to the list when I get to it. I will turn it off though...not digging it. It'll be here for anyone that wants to listen to it, by choice.
    Kalo Mina!!!

  8. Good music Cheryl!
    Zorba...I know, I know...,but it was filmed in Crete. Stavros Beach (Zorba's famous dance) is not too far from us.

    I been searching for a decent video link of Mikis Theodoraki's "O'Kaimos". My favorite is this one with Farantouri, but the sound quality is not so great. What is wonderful is to see them together, and I did just that, one summer several years back. They are performing with such heart. Anyway, this is a charming clip.
    I love Tori's music too!

  9. My computer just ate the link. I'll try once more.

  10. I enjoy your music selection. It is of good taste! So, from now on we can hear you as well!! All the best.

  11. Biddy, thank you for the link! I enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching this performance. I can imagine that seeing this pair live would be an unforgettable experience. Thanks again! As far as Stavros Beach...I think that I have to visit it just because of the significance. Have a great week...and great month!

    Phivos, thank you! I'm glad that you've enjoyed my selection-as I've often enjoyed your playlist. Have a great week & kalo mina!

  12. I'm so glad that you liked it. It's one of my all time favorites, plus I had to put it up in deference to your husband. Honestly, I weep sometimes when I hear it.
    As for Stavros Beach, it's pretty much been taken over by sun beds and hokey mini tavernas now. You know how that goes...

  13. Biddy-Thank you again!
    About the beaches...I know. Luckily, I live near one that is a little less popular I don't have to deal with all of the fuss. Our family summer home is in Halkidiki and I've watched the same thing happen over the years. It used to be a quiet beach and now it's hard for us to find a place to sit. I hope all is well in Crete!

    Rick...I added "Run" to the playlist. It's a beautiful song:)