Monday, May 25, 2009


I got the cracked one in the middle since the kids felt it was defective. No complaints from me.


  1. I remember those little ice creams from our last visit there, I thought they were so unique and especially loved the ones that looked like cones! I was so impressed with them, I selected them as the gift (I am sure there is a word for this in Greek) for a visit to some friends home. I would love to have one now ;) and am sure you enjoyed them, cracks and all!

  2. Belpana, they are a favorite for most people, especially in the summer. There were little cones at the bottom of this box! And as you mentioned, this is a typical treat that is brought to hosts for the summer--this box was a gift to us on Kosta's nameday. And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my cracked pagotinia:)It's pagotinia season!
    Have a nice Memorial day!

  3. i know the feeling of a cracked pagotini - it's just not perfect.

    if you let your kids have one of these every now and then, it's much less than say a one of those piravlos ice-creams. use them as a measure of how much ice cream they are really having

  4. I love ice crea. All these ice creams are a real temptation!!

  5. I love those and the only place I've ever seen them is in Greece. This year I'm going to have a "real" freezer and I'm going to fill it with those treats...ciao

  6. Yummy!
    I'm off to get my own...........

  7. Maria, I agree...the cracked one isn't perfect, but someone has to eat it :)
    I completely agree with you in using these little treats as good measure. We enjoy them year round, they're a perfect treat.

    Phivos, YES! Always a temptation that I fail to resist! They're always enjoyable.

    Rositta, I hope you do fill your freezer with these. It's one treat I can't seem to get bored with:)

    Jude, Yum!! Have another one for me! :)

  8. I'll take one, or two, or three...
    It's a good thing I've just two hands and one mouth!

    Oh, and I just love when someone brings those around. Our freezer space is pretty limited so then it becomes a treat for all our village neighbors as well.
    Isn't it always nice to be able to share.

  9. Cheryl,
    I forgot to mention that it's nice to see you on Maria's "wall"
    Micros Cosmos!

  10. Hi Biddy! Yes, I LOVE to share...we just received fish fresh from a friend's kaiki about and hour's a nice way to live. And of course, pagotinia is one of the nicest things to share since you can get so many in a box.
    Yes...Micros Cosmos...especially on the wall! :) Sometimes it keeps me away from the blog given my limited time. It's nice as always to have you here. Here's hoping for a weekend full of pagotinia!! ok- a summer full!

  11. I've bought mini bars in NYC, CA and Mexico. Itty bitty cones are also sold in Boston and Shanghai (at the grocery store). It's not unique to Greece. However, they are delightful nonetheless.

  12. Hey Kat!!!
    They are sooooooooo delightful!
    Have a nice Sunday:)