Friday, March 2, 2007

My Girls!

Foti made a "hat" out of his napkin.

Friday has creeped up on me again. This week went by fast! We had a lot to do this week so I suppose that had a lot to do with it.

I am happy to say that none of us were sick! I am crossing my fingers as it has been almost two weeks since the last illness. We did, however, visit the doctor this week. Alexandra had her 6 month well visit and she is doing great. I didn't have a doubt! Right after the doc asked whether or not she rolls over , she rolled over right in front of her. Bravo my little Princess! She is 14lbs. and 25 inches. I can't believe how fast she has grown.

Izabella had an ethnic potluck at her school on Wednesday. Our whole family went and it was a lot of fun. I tried some Ethiopian lentils, a Colombian dish that a friend made, Eggplant Parmesan and a few more things. Everything was really good. Oh, and of course I had to taste the Puerto Rican rice that another family brought. Although it was good, Mom's is still the best!

After everyone finished eating the children sang. Izabella's class sang Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. The kids held up trees, globes and rainbows as they were mentioned in the song. It was really cute. It was Iza's first time on stage and she loved it.

Foti ate everything on his plate. He usually isn't very fussy when it comes to food. He wanted to go on stage too so we had to distract him a bit. I pulled one of his rubber balls from my bag of tricks. That wasn't smart of me. The ball lights up on contact and every kid in the gymnasium had their eyes on it. I had no choice, it was the ball or his screaming. I chose the ball.

Yesterday our neighbors Lisa and Claire came over for a play date and they also brought dinner. It was great! Lisa has been going to Dinner by Design lately and she brought over one of her creations. It was really great, it was a beef stir fry. I am thinking of going along with her next time so that I can try it. What a great concept, they shop and chop and all that you have to do is throw it together. It sounds fun! I have planned out my menu for the week before and it does make life a little less hectic.

We have been communicating with a realtor in Thessaloniki and fallen in love with a house. I love it, but there has to be a catch. I still believe that the house looks like it is a side by side, but the realtor says that it isn't. We are sending my mother-in-law to check it out so we shall soon see what the deal is. I can't wait to find out but I won't get my hopes up just in case I am right.


  1. Good god! Have you ever seen three more gorgeous children??!! (I know. I can't ask you, Cheryl. You're biased!)