Friday, March 16, 2007

Some "Firsts" This Week

Alexandra holds her own bottle now. What's even bigger than that is that she is rolling over from side to side. When the older kids are calm or napping I give her free reign of the living room floor. She giggles so that she gets our attention and then she rolls over. Once she has done it a few times she stops to see who is looking and then giggles some more. She is just a doll!

Another first this week is that Izabella and Foti did dishes for me after dinner...together. Of course, Izabella finished the job as Foti was just playing in the water, but it is a start! Kosta is cracking the whip! :)

Izabella had her first "Share your School" day this week. Kosta was lucky enough to go for the 2 hours. I had already done a day of observation earlier in the school year. It is amazing to see those little people in action. I think that is why he decided to introduce the kids to doing dishes!

This week I had a representative from a moving company come over to look at all of our "stuff" so that he can give us an estimate as to just how much moving an entire household and a car will cost. We have also received a few estimates from painters this week so that we can get this house painted and sell it. There is so much to do...

I did get in touch with the owner of the Montessori school in Greece. I am relieved to find out that they will still have their offices open through July so that we can sign the kids up. Typically schools close for the summer. This school will actually be closed for the month of August so we have to do everything before then, whew.

Yesterday we had a nice visit with 2 of my sisters. The kids loved making things out of Play-Doh with them. We had a nice time guys!

I am relieved that the weekend is here once again. It is always nice to have Kosta home to help with the kids. It means that I can actually take a leisurely shower with the door closed. That is all that I really ask for, a nice quiet shower. Have a great weekend everyone!

And to my Irish friends....Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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