Saturday, April 26, 2008

Preparing for Easter

Yesterday was Holy Thursday. (click here for a description of Holy Week traditions) It's the day that's set aside to color Easter eggs-not a day before or after, like I'd suggested. Traditionally, Greeks color their eggs red as the color symbolizes the blood of Christ and rebirth. I used packages of egg dye this year and it ended up all over my hands. As you can see, we colored our eggs red and blue. The kids enjoyed dipping the eggs in the dye and then polishing them. Alexandra tried to eat one right away and ended up with a blue mouth. I didn't get a picture because I wanted to wash her face right away-so she wouldn't have a blue mouth for the weekend.

School projects:

This week the kids brought home several school projects pertaining to Easter. The picture above is Foti's tsoureki made out of clay. The picture below is Iza's. Very cute.

Sources: Greek food


  1. What nice looking clay tsourekia! I can't braid tsoureki to save my life, so it is pretty impressive to see that your kids can do it so well. Honestly, I don't know what my problem is with it. I can braid hair!

  2. Thanks Mel- Honestly, the kids get a little help from their teachers. Sometimes the projects come home too perfect:( That's why I let them get really messy here!

  3. Happy Easter, Cheryl (it's still Easter here). Hope you had a wonderful day and that the weather was warm enough to eat outside!

  4. Thanks Laurie! Alithos Anesti! It sounds as if you had an enjoyable Easter! We just returned from our weekend away. It was pleasant and the lamb was delicious.