Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First day at the beach this season

Sunday we met a friend in town and headed out to a local beach for the day. The weather was gorgeous, near 70 F with plenty of sun. We packed sandwiches, rolled up our pants and tossed our shoes aside. The mothers enjoyed conversation, the kids ran and the babies explored. It was just a taste of what's to come in a few months.


  1. Now you've hit on one of the truly good things about where you're living. Looking out the window at lingering snow, makes me long for spring in Greece, my very favorite season there.

  2. 58 yesterday was feeling nice, but nothing like oozing sands between your toes. I hope this summer's hot. When we were in Greece two years ago, it was the coldest they had ever seen.

  3. Laurie-I think that you're right. As much as I love snow, I've really enjoyed the weather here. As you may have noticed I can't have enough of the natural beauty that surrounds me. And, I used to feel the same back home... during late winter/early spring I used to always think about Greece.

    Peachy-Wow 58 in Chicago! That's always a great feeling after a long winter.
    Squishing our feet in the sand was fun but I'll admit that the water was still a bit cold. The kids loved it!
    We hope that this summer is hot as well, but not as hot as last year. If you're lucky enough to be near the beach in that kind of weather it's perfect for swimming but outside of that it was pretty miserable. It's too bad that it was colder for you when you visited :(

  4. It is hard to believe that I can probably see your beach from my window, but it was cold up here on the mountain! We haven't had it that warm up here yet, although it was getting there mid-March. We've been kinda chilly since the equinox, ironically. It is really crazy the temperature difference between us and say, where the IKEA is (right on the shore). I hope that means when we have those nasty heat waves we won't suffer so much up here.