Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Evening at the Beach

Living so close to the sea gives us ample opportunity for discovery. This last Friday evening our neighbors were on their way to the beach for an octopus expedition and they invited us along. While Mr. Neighbor snorkels for octopus Mrs. Neighbor spends her time quietly on the beach either reading or picking up the trash. (There's always plenty of trash, you'll see.) Sometimes they'll take Iza & Foti with them to keep Mrs. Neighbor company. I'm always invited but I usually decline as I always have so much to do and I can't fathom spending my time lollygagging on the beach. Well, this time I decided to join them and even Alexandra was able to join in the fun. We got our collecting jars and our bags and met them at the beach.

As soon as we arrived, the kids started digging up shells and sifting through the sand.

A little while later, Iza spotted a blueish jellyfish at the shoreline. Can you see it? Of course, we had to get it for her.

There's always enough garbage to collect and use for viewing our specimens.

The kids were thrilled with this discovery as we haven't seen a jellyfish this big all summer.

When Mr. Neighbor emerged-his net was full. Yes, it's all octopus. At the time he didn't have a count of how many he caught. Last week he speared fifteen in just under an hour. Kosta has definitely met his match!

Off in the distance there were two men fishing near a fire to keep themselves warm. It looked so relaxing. It's too bad there's so much garbage on the beach. See the garbage?!

The kids wanted to see how many fish that they had caught so we walked over to find out. At that time, they hadn't caught any. But, their night had just begun. Armed with their beer, cigarettes and a fire they were set to last for hours.

The night might have been young for the fishermen but it wasn't for us. So, we gathered our things and headed home. On the way to our car the local sheep herder passed us with about one hundred sheep. The kids just loved that!

Two big bags of trash were collected and left at the proper trash bin. That didn't even put a dent in it but it's better than nothing. The kids were happy to have new shells and also to have inspected a jellyfish.

As soon as we arrived home the kids went to play hide and seek with Mrs. Neighbor. We enjoyed some chocolate and then it was time to go home and get cleaned up for bed. I was gifted three octopuses. They're in the freezer with the other three that we were gifted last week. It'll be really nice to bring those out in the middle of winter.

In the end, I'm happy that I took the opportunity to join our neighbors at the beach. I'll have to make sure to join them again instead of just sending the kids along. It was refreshing.


  1. Living near the sea is a good life by all means. The kids are so excited and have the opportunity for all this kind of experience. Great post Cheryl. Bravo!

  2. Philip, thank you! And, yes, it's great to live near the sea. There's so much to do, even in the colder weather. Have a great week!

  3. what an expedition, and how great it is to live by the beach. i'm also close to it, and find it refreshing to see it empty of tourists now - it's like we got our shoreline back after leasing it out for the whole summer season!

  4. Maria, I agree. It's so nice to have it quiet...only full of locals enjoying the peace after the busy summer.
    BTW-the specialties the MIL brought from Crete were a bottle of white wine...from Elyros..."dry white wine from Cretan Muscatel variety"----and Tsixoudia Kritis, roumba (?)...the Cretan tsiporou. (please forgive me if I've mangled these!)Have a fantastic week!

  5. tsikoudia, of course, our famous fiery spirit - enjoy it by the fireplace, with some freshly shelled nuts

  6. Great post. If I had a home, lived near the sea and didn't want for a career or could somehow continue working here for enough money to sustain a quality of life, I would stay. But all of these 'if's are not realistic for my life.

    Well, at least I can live vicariously through you. :)

  7. Kat, Thank you. I know that things are so different us, but I also know that you have a bright future...and an open invitation to visit us again whenever you'd like! Filakia!

  8. I'm visiting through Kat's blog. Your experience at the beach looks wonderful. I had a hard time finding a beach that wasn't covered in cigarette butts and garbage, sad really...but hey at least you have a beach...ciao

  9. Hi Rositta! It's nice to have you here.:) Yes, the beach is usually dirty and we usually try to take care of it ourselves-but I wish that people wouldn't be so careless in the first place. It is really nice to have it near. One requirement that we had before moving here was to be near the sea.

  10. What a fun trip to the sea. Thanks for sharing. The octopus are so cool!

  11. Candy, Hi! Yes, it was a lot of fun. The octopus are cool, I agree. I think that this man is definitely skilled.
    I just checked out your site and HOLY MAN!-You've got great recipes. I have to make time to get back and check out the beef pot pie! Great, great stuff! I'll definitely be visiting! And, I thank you for visiting. :)