Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My husband and his "double"

There comes a time in most of our lives when someone approaches us and claims that we have a twin or a "double". I've had this happen to me throughout most of my life. First, I have a younger sister that could have been my twin. People that don't know us very well always get us confused and if they realize that we're not the person that they thought we were, they usually stand in shock with their mouths wide open. In fact, I've been sworn at by someone that thought that I was my sister. They called me a b#! a friendly sort of way, wondering why I was supposedly ignoring her. And, we have some uncles & aunts that we rarely see-they almost never get our identities straight. It's always fun to laugh about the confusion.
Next, there are those random people out there, the ones that look like me that I always hear about but have never actually seen. When I had a stint as a waitress many, many years ago an Arabic family kept telling me how I resembled an Arabic actress, they almost didn't believe that I wasn't her. Yeah, I'd give up my great actress job in Saudi Arabia to wait tables in the U.S...not very likely is it? Anyway, I still don't know who they were talking about. The incidents are countless in my life.

My husband, on the other hand, has only been mistaken for one person in his entire life. He's been mistaken for Greece's Prime Minister...for years! So many people have approached us and asked questions and/or pointed out the resemblence. A good friend of mine, Phivos Nicolaides, took the time to create a post on his blog- dedicated to sharing with the world just how much my husband resembles Greece's Prime Minister.

Have a look at his post for yourselves!

Thank you, again, Phivos!


  1. i found it hilarious - and the resemblance is uncanny !

  2. Maria, I know. It's really funny-especially when we're out. We'd go to Greek weddings back in the States and at least five other guests would approach him. Plus, he was the President of the Milwaukee Chapter of AHEPA for a year or so...the politics are in his blood.
    I think that Phivos did a great job with his collages!
    And to comment about your other comment in the previous post...I know-I won't color my hair blonde or we'll be in trouble! :P

  3. Although I wouldn't mind freaking people out by being the Hellenic Republic's twin, I think there's a disadvantage in that as well. Besides that, your husband is much better looking than Karamanli and much smarter.

    You're also much more beautiful than Natasa, and don't even get me started about your adorable children.

  4. Uncanny, we all have a twin somewhere though...I think my sweetie looks like Leonard Cohen. As for me, I have no idea who I look like...ciao

  5. That's incredible! Does he sign autographs too?!

  6. Hi Cheryl, glad you like the post. It was my pleasure and I much enjoyed it! I do hope though we don't cause any furher burden for your Kostas!!

  7. Kat, Thanks! You're so bad yourself ! :)

    Rositta, Hi! You're right, your better half DOES resemble Leonard Cohen! Wow.
    We'll have to fine you a twin-maybe next time I'm in the States. The beautiful blondes are hard to come by here, but I think that you already know that. :)

    Angela, Hey there! No, he hasn't signed any autographs as of yet. Maybe one day he'll completely fool someone. I think he'd have to lose some hair though! :)

    Philip, everyone really enjoyed the post. You haven't caused any burden at all. Kosta found it funny. Thanks again!

  8. It's fitting I'm reading this on Halloween because it's SPOOKY how much the two look alike. Amazing! Phivos has posted such wonderful pictures of you and your family - they're fun to look at.

  9. Laurie, Thank you! It's good to have you back! All of the pictures that he used are from the blog and I had even forgotten that some of them were posted, so it was fun for me to see how he put them together.

  10. Wow, that's amazing, they really look alike! I'm wondering Cheryl, have you by any chance seen the movie Dave? hehe ;P

    (We should sign a petition to have the two men change places and just watch things in Greece improve!)

  11. Goddess, yes, it's uncanny isn't it? And yes, I've seen Dave! Very funny movie.
    I think that my husband could probably kick some asses around here to shape things up. He's already worked with our neighborhood and cleaned it up. We've had an abandoned vehicle moved from a park -it took him 5 months of badgering the police and we've improved the trash drop off points. People are no longer putting trash just anywhere around here and it's made a huge difference. He's awesome.

  12. Golly yes, don't get me started on trash in Greece...

    Anyway, good on him for being so un-Greek (if I can say that!) Have a nice week! XX

  13. Goddess, he's very Greek...he just knows that if you push that you can make a difference. He's actually working with others in the neighborhood who have had's good that these Greeks found each other and are mobilizing to make a difference in their community. I think that most people are indifferent and don't believe that things can change. As a matter of fact, one of our neighbors has even said, "Shame on us...we've accepted to live like this and you (referring to my hubby) came along and have shown us that we can make a difference, if we weren't so lazy". Things can change here, the people have to work for change, they have to stop blaming everyone else and become accountable for what's happening around them. I could go on, but I know that you understand what I mean.
    I hope that you have a great week too! I haven't been online too much at all...I have to visit your blog so I know what's going on Down Under! filakia!