Sunday, September 13, 2009

Coffee in Athitos

Although I had been visiting Greece for just about 18 years at the time, it wasn't until two years ago that I stumbled upon the lovely village of Athitos or Afytos, Halkidiki. A friend of mine from the U.S. was visiting, so we hopped in my tiny rental car and explored parts of Halkidiki that even I hadn't been. We chose to turn into the village of Athitos because we knew that since we were so close to the sea that having a nice cold frappe with a great view was inevitable.

Since having coffee in Athitos two summers ago, I've been talking to Kosta about it because although he spent nearly every summer in Halkidiki as a child, he had never been there. So, Saturday afternoon we had the chance to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee together in Athitos.

The weather wasn't perfect as it rained for most of the day, but it was still nice enough to enjoy a cup of coffee seaside. The view in Athitos was gorgeous despite the clouds. I highly doubt that this view is ever anything less than beautiful.

I took so many pictures during our time in Athitos and chose 16 for this post. Enjoy...

This little cat kept us company.

The front of the cafe, "On the Rocks". The cafe is actually upstairs & there's an artist's shop downstairs.

Kosta at our table.

I'm taking in the view. It's never enough.

Our little friend received a lot of attention.

Another view from where we were sitting.

I have taken a photo of this view once before. I'm not sure which one I like better.

There is a psarotaverna next to the cafe, the food smelled amazing! Imagine enjoying fresh calamari with this view.

More of the view.

Old buildings along the street are so interesting.

Tight squeeze tractor parking!

Stray dog...

A walk down the narrow streets of Athitos.

An adorable home.

A small church.

Some tourists enjoying the view.


  1. What a great reporter your are Cheryl and your photos are fabulous!

  2. Phivos,

    Efxaristo~Thank you very much. Have a great night!

  3. I don't know why but I like the tractor picture best! They are all really great though! have a good week!

  4. Oh Cheryl, that looks like such a lovely spot. Was I reading correctly, did you and your husband get to go out by yourselves, no children?

  5. Liz,
    I have to say that I like the tractor pic a lot too! It's silly...
    Thank you for the compliment & I hope that you have a great week too!


    It is soooo beautiful there. Yes, you read correctly. We were sans children, only for a few hours, but it's nice to have a break. It doesn't happen often. :)

  6. You continue to give me more places to explore... By the way, you look beautiful in your new profile pic! It's lovely!

  7. Wow, that coffee shop is in a prime location! Might have to take a trip there sometime.

  8. Toma,
    Well, if you decide to explore this part of Greece, you'll have to let me take you out for coffee in Athitos! I'd love to :)
    Thank you for the sweet compliment...have a wonderful week!

    It's sooooo close to us. I might just have to pick you up and take you there! Have a nice week :)

  9. a lovely place i must visit next time round!

  10. marta (fullmomy too!)September 15, 2009 at 6:26 PM

    I'm from portugal and i have a blog. I wish to have visits from all the world, so if you could visit
    my blog i'll be very grateful!

  11. Maria, I'd love to show you Athitos. You actually passed it on your way to Kallithea!:)

    Marta, gladly.

  12. So beautiful. Yet another place I'll have to visit when in Greece.

    I've told my husband that we need to do a road trip to see all of the amazing places. Our summer home is in Messinia just outside of Kyparissia but my mother-in-law is from Ferres near Alexandroupoli. I've always wanted to drive from the south up there so we can see more places in Greece like this. Little hidden gems around every hairpin turn. ;)

  13. Jenn,
    Athitos is beautiful, I can't say enough about its intrigue.
    You do need to take a road trip!I encourage it, there's always something to stop & see in Greece. Always. And, if you're near Thessaloniki, you MUST stop for coffee.:)

  14. What gorgeous pictures, and what a lovely place. Thanks for sharing it!

    I've tagged you for a meme so ...pop over to my blog when you have a chance, to have a look.

  15. truestarr,
    Good morning! Thank you for the compliments.

    I'll do the meme, why not? It's been a while since I've been tagged.
    Have a great day!

  16. Hi Cheryl,
    What a great date with your husband. I love the tiny little churches in Greece, so beautiful. Great pictures again.
    Take care,

  17. Angela,

    Yes, it was nice to have time alone-to carry a conversation without interruptions or break up little squabbles. It's rare.
    Have a great weekend :)

  18. My husband and I discovered Afitos in 2005 when we stayed at the Stamos Hotel for 5 weeks--no car, no cell phones, just our feet. We adored our visit. It was such a wonderful decompression time for us--eat, sleep, swim. Your photos are lovely, Cheryl!

  19. Iosifina,
    Nice to see you:)
    It's the perfect place to decompress-sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Thank you for the compliment.
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. I was with Dio in Halkidiki. Our experience was a lot different.

  21. Kat,
    I remember you telling me about it. You were there in the summer, it's much different then. Honestly, I avoided going much this summer as much as I love it. I can't stand the chaos.

    Have a nice Sunday. xo