Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Per request by my new friend, John Palmer, I'd like to wish my second new friend, Ryan Lindsay, a very happy...and by now...belated birthday.

John requested that his friends and followers post a link to their site for Ryan's birthday gift. You see, like most of us in the blogosphere, Ryan loves tracking his visitors. Please visit John Palmers Blog today so that Ryan will have the most visitors that he's ever had...for his birthday. What a great present! I can't wait to hear about the results.

Also, please read the post "I Love the Internet" (9- 28 -2009 )...it's my shameless plug for a very sweet and surprising mention. Thanks guys!

Happy Birthday Ryan!




  1. I've just nominated you for "One Lovely Blog" Award.

  2. truestarr,

    Thank you, I'm flattered & grateful.
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment!
    What a nice surprise...


  3. you need to pass it along and nominate a few other blogs, but then just copy and paste the picture from my blog, (i forgot to tell you). xx

  4. truestarr...Ok, will do.

    Thank you!! It's very sweet of you!

    Have a great day & also a great month!!