Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've been tagged to do a meme by my fellow blogger, Jessica aka truestarr, to share a bit of what I might be reading. If I wasn't reading online so much, I would definitely have more time to finish some of the books that I have sitting around.

The object of this meme:

First, you pick up the book nearest to you...turn to page 161 and copy out the 5th sentence. So, here's what I have to offer...

"I don't think the gap between races is any wider than it's been".

It's from the last book that I toted to the beach - "Race: How Blacks & Whites Think & Feel About the American Obsession" written by Studs Terkel.

So far, I've only read half of this book although I've owned it for several years.(and it's an autographed copy!) I was turned on to Studs Terkel in college when I was asked to perform a monologue based on one of his interviews. I morphed into a middle-aged black woman for my chosen monologue. Was it challenging? Yes. But, I loved it.

Here's a little bit about the book...

"For this book Terkel interviewed a cross-section of Americans about their views on race. Though many interviews center in Chicago, people discuss experiences growing up in various locations, their migration experiences from the southern United States, and how they understood racial changes at different points in their lives. Terkel chose to
interview people who regularly cross racial lines through their work such as physicians, nurses, and social workers; and those who have to lead others in their thinking such as teachers and preachers. He questioned activists in both national civil rights movements and grass roots assistance organizations. He interviewed students in integrated schools, welfare recipients, and homeowners who watched their neighborhoods change. He frequently inquires if their experience is based on issues of class or issues of race". (Recordings from Race)

So there you have it, the book that I'm currently trying to read. Now, I have to choose 5 of my fellow bloggers and ask them if they'll let us in on what book they have on hand.

I choose:

One of my very best friends-Linda- at Whatever is on my mind today
Maria at Organically Cooked (that is...if you're not writing a book!)
and finally,

I won't be offended if you don't pressure! :)

References / Links: Chicago History Museum


  1. So interesting information Cheryl. THanks for sharing it with us!

  2. the book nearest to you had a very profound message to pass on to the world - it makes interesting food for thought.

    if i honestly am to choose the book nearest to me right now, where i am sitting in the kitchen close to my children's homework desk, the book would have to be 'ace from space' (a children's english language textbook), but it only goes up to page 152!

  3. What a great choice! It's a wonderful book to pick up and read at this time in world history.

    It really clarifies so many of the mixed feelings Americans have regarding race in the US. (and I do tend to agree with his idea that many biases are based on class AND economics.)

    Not a light reading sort of book tho!

    Thanks for being a good sport about the meme! ;]

  4. Phivos,
    Good morning. Yes, very interesting. Stud Terkel was an amazingly, talented writer-always thought provoking.

    Good morning! Yes, very profound. Although many things have changed-there's a lot more that's remains unchanged and with today's "pc" climate, a lot is still swept under the rug.

  5. Jessica,

    Good morning...I'm glad that you liked my choice. I really have been dragging it around with me hoping for a quiet moment in the car, at the's been a challenge. As my blog appears light and happy, well, mostly...I do usually lean toward more thought provoking books and articles. It's my little secret. Also, as I was raised in a bi-cultural(my father is Puerto Rican- my mother is American of northern European descent) family in the U.S., in the early 70's our family was often the victim of racist attitudes-and amazingly we are still witness to stereotyping.

    And, I also agree with Studs and the notion that many biases are based on class and economics...

    I enjoyed doing the meme, no thanks necessary :)

  6. Maria,
    Can't believe I didn't finish my response to you!
    The book nearest is well, the book nearest you :) It's good enough for me! I hope that the kids enjoy their reading.

    (help! I need a vacation...)

  7. He was such an interesting man. Luckily for us, he was quite the prolific icon. It's a pity that he died last fall and didn't get to see his fellow Chicagoan elected President. Did you ever listen to his radio show from Chicago's 98.7? I used to love it. There are lots of wonderful interviews and old recordings of his radio show to be accessed through, youtube,, etc. If you ever have any spare time,(ha ha), I think you'd love to explore them.

  8. Biddy,

    I agree with you, he was sooooo incredibly interesting. Yes, I've listened to him. I could spend hours listening to him. He was actually appearing at our local bookstore, just a few blocks from our home in Milwaukee- and I missed his book signing because I had to work. So, that's how I obtained an autographed copy because I went and bought the book the next morning. Thank you for the links, I'll definitely use them.
    I hope all is well with you :)

  9. Cheryl,
    I want to do the meme but I haven't read anything in awhile. I have some books on my wish list but I don't have any of them at my disposal. My last book was When You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris but I have given it my friend to read so I can't reference it. I can recommend it and say it is wonderfully funny and entertaining. I will have to put your book on my wish list because it sounds very interesting. Thanks for tagging me and sorry I can't participate. I was looking through all my cookbooks in a desperate attempt (I have a ton!).
    Take care,

  10. Hi,

    Sorry for being so late. Been a bit preoccupied for a couple of days.

    pg161 5th sentence of the book I am reading goes like this...

    "I swear I had a ten-pound note in my wallet"

    The book is one that my mother left when she was here a couple of weeks ago. It is a true story called 'Mother's ruin' by Nicola Barry.

    It is about the child of an alcoholic mother and how she alternates between loving her mother and hating her, how she was more or less robbed of her childhood and ended up facing her own alcoholism. It's rather hard hitting. I normally enjoy reading books like this but this time I am finding it rather hard going since I seem to have other things on my mind. Even though i think this one is not going to have a happy ending I'll see it through.

    This is an interesting post!!


  11. Angela,
    It's pressure, I mean it! :) I'm glad that you tried though. I have a lot of cook books as well, it's just that they're taking the back burner now that I always have the laptop near. :(
    I'll have to have a look at your last book, I'm sure it's interesting.
    Have a great weekend:)


    No worries, it took me over a week to respond to my tag. I'm glad that you found this interesting-another layer of myself exposed! :)
    "I thought I had 10 euro in my wallet"---lol...something I've been heard saying!

    "Mother's Ruin" sounds great, even if it doesn't have a happy ending. Not everything has a happy ending, right? I think I might look into this book when I have you, the key is WHEN. It looks like something I'd enjoy.
    Thanks for participating, I do know how busy you are. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend Liz!!!