Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've always been drawn to entrances, gates and doors. An entrance is full of intrigue and wonderment.


  1. Lovely pictures. I really love looking at doorways and gates too. Especially here. They are so charming!

    Have a nice week-end. I have a flooded basement to clean up!

  2. great photos - our doors and gates are too modern to hold charm like your ones!

  3. Liz,

    Thank you. As well as charming some can be perplexing. The first door was very small, I would have had to bend to enter and I'm short!
    I hope that your basement flood is under control. Have a better Sunday :)


    Thank you. I have to agree that although a lot of the modern doors can be attractive but character is absent. Have a nice Sunday :)

  4. Very good photos Cheryl and a good idea to present this topic. Have a good day!

  5. Phivos,

    Thank you for your compliments. Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos of doors and gates...even on film. I figured I'd start to share my vision. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday as well.

  6. For me it's windows. When I paint (oils mostly, occassionally acrylic or watercolor if on holiday) my images always find themselves with the vantage point of looking through a window...

    Beautiful photos.

  7. Toma,

    Windows fascinate me as well, especially here. I didn't know that you paint, what a beautiful hobby to have. You've probably looked at so many wonderfully interesting things given the holidays that you've taken! I can only imagine. How dreamy.
    Thank you &
    Have a fantastic week!

  8. I'll have to agree that windows and doors have been consistent themes for me as well. I am also fascinated by, and have photographed door knobs, door knockers, and door bells for years. I brought back a solid brass "Hand of Fatima" door knocker from Hania ages ago. You actually find them on most of the doors in the older areas of the city. It is supposed to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye. It is still on the front door of my old house to this day. Even though I moved from that house, I just couldn't bring myself to dismantle it and take it away with me. I felt as though it belonged to that door forever. Unfortunately, the little brass foundry and shop no longer exist, the old man retired and I suppose he'd no apprentice waiting in the wings ready to take over. I've never been able to find another one made in solid brass of similar craftsmanship. Think I'll make finding one a priority next summer.

  9. Biddy,

    Yes, windows, doors, knobs are all very interesting when they are given character through excellent craftsmanship. I enjoyed your little story about your brass knocker.It's too bad that the brass foundry has closed. I wish you luck finding a new door knocker, well, first a foundry!
    Have a great evening :)