Friday, January 15, 2010

A Man and Two Dogs

Yesterday, as we were out for a walk and I came across a man and two dogs. As he gazed into the sea through his binoculars they sat quietly with him. Although they appeared to be loyal, I'm not quite sure that they belonged to him as they spent a lot of time wandering and then near us. Nevertheless, they were lovable.

The average dog is a  nicer person than the average person. 
~ Andy Rooney


  1. Great shots...awesome.

  2. Krisno, Thank you :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Both dogs are cute and your pictures very beautiful dear Cheryl. I like the quie: “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person” by Andy Rooney.

  4. Phivos,
    Thank you. I thought these dogs were great and the quote is profound & that's why I chose it.

    Have a phenomenal weekend! :):)

  5. Adore the photos, such subjects are especially poetic in B&W.
    Binoculars? Oh yes, one must have them in Greece!

    Cheryl, here's a Mencken doggie quote that I just love:

    Living with a dog is easy
    -like living with an idealist.

  6. Thank you for your comment...The dogs are adoreable...

  7. Oh those two have the cutest faces!

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  9. @ Biddy...Yes! Binoculars are a must here. We have about 3 pair floating around. I thought that the dogs were great also, they were great subjects!

    Thank you for the quote! It's funny, I think that I live with a few idealists... that's probably why I get along well with the dogs!!
    :):) Have a great week!!

    @ Gingeyginge...Thank you for always being so kind & wonderful. Have a wonderful week!

    @ Liz...They really did. They were incredibly sweet. I wish I knew what they were thinking!!
    Have a great week!! xo

    @ Coffe...Thank you for the comment!

  10. Bhavesh, I'm happy that you liked the photos & the dogs.

    Have a wonderful week! :)

  11. The comment from coffe is just spam with a bunch of links to adult websites.

    I love your photos, especially the black and white ones.

  12. Kat, thanks. I figured as much and didn't click on it. I'm deleting it now.

    I love that you love my photos!!


  13. The dogs are adorable and so cute. Love your b/w shots.

  14. Ivy, thank you. B/W is my favorite, I prefer it. Did you see that I mentioned your pizza dough recipe in the previous post? It was great! I'll be using it often.

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  15. beautiful captures, great animals

  16. yoo-hoo

    Today it would seem, I can't write, comment or "like" anything on Facebook OR access my INbox! for some bizarre reason.
    Otherwise i would have written you a comment to thank you for your kind words in regarding me as a good internet friend! (... fine friend indeed if I can't figure out how to comment on my own page!

    I have no idea if this will pass or i will remain a facebook mute indefinitely!

    anyway, though i am baffled, i am still thinking nice thoughts towards you, so thanks and take care of you, my dear virtual friend!

  17. @ Vaggelis- Thank you for your compliment. Indeed, those dogs are great animals.

    @ Jessica- Thank YOU for introducing yourself to me!! I'm so glad that we've become great, virtual friends. I hope that one day we can meet either here on the mainland or Corfu, heck...maybe even Chicago!
    Facebook has irritated me beyond words today, so you're not alone. Although I wasn't a mute, I wasn't able to see my friends photos and couldn't click on them to go to their profiles. Ugh. Very frustrating, especially since I'm always trying to get in & out of there as quickly as possible. ( i know...impossible)
    So, I'm glad you're back to having full FB capabilities and I'm glad that we're friends. Especially since your a carrot & I'm an onion.