Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow on Apple Trees

Growing up in Wisconsin meant that snow was an inevitable part of winter . We waited for the first snow, hoping that there would be enough accumulation to warrant a day off of school to play and drink hot cocoa. Deep snow. Fluffy snow. Snow that packed well to make snowmen. I remember sitting at our kitchen window, my little nose pressed against the cold glass gazing into our back yard, waiting. I felt like that little girl once again, as I anticipated the snow last weekend.
Although I would consider the amount snow that accumulated  a light dusting, it was enough for me. As you might have noticed I took a lot of photos last Saturday morning. I think I took about 170 or so within an hour, easy. So here's a photo of our apple trees with snow on them because I love the effect of snow on trees, especially in black & white.


  1. this is one cool photo - whether it's done in b/w or not, it's like the real thing

  2. Thank you Maria. I think that I've posted a color one like this in my FB album. Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  3. Brrr. Although I love the idea of playing in the snow with the kids, when it actually comes down to it I remember how you get cold and wet doing it. It's still fun though.

  4. I LOVE looking at YOUR snow. It's much prettier (as one gets older) to see it from a distance!

    (for sure memories of working inside all day and walking out at 5:30 to find your car has disappeared under a three or four inch blanket of fat wet snow is something I enjoy more as a memory!)

    As always your photographic eye is sharp and clear though. Lovely photo of the trees.

  5. @ Liz- Yes, it was cold but we weren't out for long. The snow was melted by mid afternoon. They had fun, I had fun and the snow is gone. But, I'm still freezing! :)

    @ Jes- Thankfully it's gone because I know exactly what you're talking about, the deep snow that accumulated while at work. So many times I made my way through a snowy mall parking lot only to spend 1/2 hour cleaning off my car so I could get home. I alsoenjoy that snow as a memory :)
    Thank you for the compliment Jes.
    Have a great night! xo

  6. Hi Cheryl,
    Great picture! We have more snow coming tomorrow, BOO!
    Take care,

  7. Snow is...well, wonderfully beautiful when it's just fallen. If you live out in the country, it's especially lovely because it remains a pristine white until it melts. City snow, ugh, that's an entirely different scenario.

    Very striking photo Cheryl. We used to call snowy B&Ws the "salt'n pepper" shots...a bit like creating your own personal Rorschach inkblot test. :)

  8. Thank you for stopping by...The photo is so breathtaking...

  9. @ Angela...Thank you :)
    I hope that you don't have too much snowfall. I can imagine by now you've had your fill and can't wait for spring. I remember all too well :)
    Have a great day!

    @ Biddy...I totally agree with you. I enjoy the silence of a new fallen snow, you know what I mean? But after a few days the snow in the city is pretty disgusting, I agree.
    I'm glad that you like the you know b/w is my favorite!!
    Have a fantastic Thursday Biddy! xo

    @ Gingeyginge...Thank you so much for the compliment. Thank YOU for stopping by :)

    Have a magnificent Thursday! :)

  10. snow makes things look better. wonderful capture

  11. Vaggelis, I agree. I love new fallen snow. Thank you for the compliment & have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. The photo is gorgeouw. It looks you have missed snowing! Hugs.

  13. Phivos, thank you so much. Yes, I do miss snow to a certain extent. Snow always stirs up wonderful memories of my childhood winters.
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Kisses from Thessaloniki :)

  14. Thank you for your comment...Have a good weekend...x

  15. Looking at the snow in Greece must have given Tennessee a bit of envy. We have 4 inches and counting today! Yup, you guessed it... Tennessee is "closed for the weekend"! I took a nasty slice on my hand and opted to just superglue it myself than deal with the TN drivers.

  16. Spuds...I do know what it's like to experience snow in Tennessee because I have and I couldn't believe how everything shut down! 4 inches is a lot for Tennessee! And, I don't blame you for skipping the ride-people in WI still haven't figured out how to drive in snow! I hope that your hand heals soon.
    Take care :)

  17. Gingeyginge...
    You're welcome as always :) Wishing you a fabulous weekend as well! :)

  18. Lovely picture Cheryl. I miss those days when we used to live in Northern Greece.

  19. Ok... Now I'm ready for a trip back to Corfu! I went for two weeks after my first year in college and I have spent the morning going back through photos. Then I look out the window at 10 degrees and 7 inches and long for the beaches of Corfu even more!!

  20. @ Ivy- Thank you Ivy. It's nice to have snow once in a while. It happened only once this year & I loved it.

    Thank you, again, for the mention! Kali evdomada!!

    @ Spuds- I can imagine that you had a blast in Corfu, especially in your college years! 10 degrees does sound cold, but just so it makes you feel better, it's cold in Corfu too! Check out my friend Jes's blog...she's in Corfu.
    <a href="

    Have a great week!

  21. That didn't work...

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    this will, I hope!

  22. Nope...

    Well, she's on my first blog list... ;0)

  23. See? I won't be defeated by a little glitch in my typing! :)