Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Colors

As most of you know, one of my favorite things to do is to take photos of my flowers and other things that I have growing and/or bringing color around my house and it's been a while since I've actually posted any that I've taken. In fact, one of the last posts that features anything growing around here is "Green" which was posted on November 3, 2009. Although it's winter and  it's finally cold enough to actually "feel" winter (current temp 0 C/32 F)  things are green and growing and there's a lot of color throughout the season.  

Geraniums. I love that this climate allows geraniums to flourish year round as it's one of my favorite flowers. It's too bad Tarzan has eaten most of them, planters included. I took this photo yesterday and the only  reason that  it's survived Tarzan is because it's in a huge, cement planter that even I can't move.

 Lemons. Our lemon tree has produced hundreds of lemons this season. The second shot is from my balcony,   just outside of my kitchen. I can walk out and grab a lemon fresh from the tree whenever I need one. I love it.
Unfortunately, we've  lost a little more than half of the tree earlier this season due to a combination of the weight of the lemons and high winds. We have given bags and bags and crates away, just from this one tree and it's still full.

These little orange flowers are hardy and abundant. I  received the plants from my neighbors last winter and transplanted several throughout the property and they spread like wildfire.  Unfortuately, I forget what they're called. If anyone can tell me the name of this flower I would appreciate it. I did try looking it up but haven't had any luck. Also, according to my neighbor this flower has medicinal uses. It's pretty and strong and adds a lot of color to the yard throughout winter as well as most of the year.

Here's a photo of Tarzan's nose just near the flowers. He's always interested in what I'm doing so when I was  on the ground snapping photos of flowers he thought he'd supervise.

Peppers. These peppers belong to my neighbor. He's drying them for seed. I have a few left on some plants that I've neglected but his look so much better, especially for photos.  I love their redness and they definitely add color to my day.

Siberian squill ( Scilla Siberica). These are abundant along my front walkway. They've just started to bloom this week. The fragrance of these little flowers is absolutely delicious. I love walking by when these are in season.

We've had a few roses here and there but unfortunately, not this week. I hope that you've enjoyed a little splash of winter color from my corner of Greece.


  1. you've really captured the colours well - the bright ones stand out so well against the green wintry backdrop

    what a shmae i cant be around to use up some of those lemons!

  2. Good morning Maria!! Thank you ~the colors are beautiful & bright.
    I wish that you could take some of these lemons off my hands too! I've made a lot of lemon pasteries & lemonade this season. I'm getting ready to make limoncello, do you have a recipe for that? I'll check anyway.

    (FB is on the fritz again today, I'll be on much later!)

    Have a great day!! xoxoxo


  3. Lovely pictures as always. It's nice that we have a bit of colour in the cold. I planted a few bulbs and I love the sight of the shoots popping out of the soil.

  4. Gorgeous and lovely pictures by all means. Love them! Hugs.

  5. lovely and beautiful pictures..Well done :)

  6. @ Liz- Thank you, it is nice to have these colors with this weather. I've noticed some of my daffodils shooting up already. I love it. :P

    @ Phivos- I'm glad that you like the pictures...thanks for you compliment!
    Have a good evening :)

    @ Krisno- Thank you so much! Have a great night! :)

  7. hi cheryl,
    i love all the pictures of your garden, it looks wonderful! we are on a huge citrus kick here, i'm so happy that citrus is in season in the winter. i've been baking lots of olive oil-orange cake.
    by the way, does it ever snow in your area? just curious.
    hope you and your family are well.

  8. Hi Angela!

    Olive oil-orange cake sounds fantastic! Is the recipe on your page?
    Typically, it doesn't snow where we are but from time to time it does. It snowed our first winter that we were here, only once. It melted by late afternoon. And ironically, it's supposed to snow this weekend! I'll definitely post pics if it does. :)

  9. *is jealous of those lemons*. All the lemon curd I could eat. And lemonade. And lemon cake...I love lemons!

    And I think your flower is a calendula - they are reputed to help with skin healing. Does it come in varied colors from gold - orange? And are the seeds sort of crescent shaped? And the leaves are sort of soft? If so, it's probably calendula.

  10. Your post colours are amazing...Thank you for your lovely comment

  11. @ Syd- Happy New Year Syd!
    I love my lemons & it kills me that we've lost half of the tree because it's my favorite.
    Yes, this flower matches all of your suggestions. I have transplanted it in gold as well but none are blooming
    right now. Thank you so much for helping me out. I've asked so many people here & no one knows.

    @Gingeyginge- Thank you for the compliment. Have a great night!!

  12. The yellows of the lemons and the reds of the chillies — superb ones :)

    The Day

  13. Hi again,
    My recipe for Olive Oil-Orange cake which would also work great with lemon zest and lemon juice!

    hope you like it,

  14. @ Bhavesh-- Thank you! I love the colors too. Thank you for the compliments :) Have a wonderful weekend.

    @ Angela-- Thank you! I will definitely try this. Can't wait. Thank you for the link. Enjoy your weekend. We have a little snow here today...just a little. :)

  15. hey ho dear cheryl!

    have you documented the "great flood"? (i really hope it's all over with now and everything is back to normal.)

    dry hugs/jessica

  16. Good morning Jes!!!

    lol...No, I didn't have time to document the great flood. I was too busy mopping and playing plumber's assistant.

    Everything is dry and well. I still have a few things to tidy up since I had to dismantle the cabinet under the sink. But we're dry and well. Thank you :)

    Have a wonderful Satuday!! See you on FB...I hope. (if it's working today!)