Monday, April 30, 2007

Farewell to our new friends!

It was a mild day in February when I decided to take the kids to the park. Once we were there Izabella started to run after a cute little boy, and then Foti started to play with him . Izabella started to share her animal crackers with this little boy and his father was telling him not to take any from Izabella when I intervened and said that is was ok, that Izabella loves to share. As the kids were playing we kept talking when the father asked me how old Alexandra was. When I told him her birthdate he looked surprised and smiled. You see, his daughter was born on the same day as our little Alexandra and his son is the same age as Foti. From that moment on we became friends...

so "Adios" to Moises, Cris, Yago and Carla, the beautiful family from Spain! We are so happy to have met you! Our friends and family are all happy to have met you also! We are glad that you were able to join our celebrations and we are so happy to have been included in yours!

We will meet again whether it be in Barcelona or Greece!! Foti will miss Yago immensely until the next time that we see each other!!

Carla and Alexandra will be able to talk to each other by then!

Foti and Yago can monopolize more playgrounds together! And of course, we hope that Izabella and Yago will stop fighting!

We hope that you enjoyed your stay in our city and also hope that you enjoyed your time with us!

Adios, Good-bye and Yasas!!


  1. Isn't it sad to say goodbye to such great people?

    The good thing is, the world becomes more universal as time progresses and being friends transcends distance when you can't be together.

    I have friends in 16 countries, and although we don't see each other every day or every week, we really spend quality time together once a year and don't take it for granted. It's really special.

  2. Kat,
    I agree. I have friends everywhere and I do my best to keep them in my life. Now that most people are online it is so much easier to keep in touch. When I lived in Greece 10 years ago my friends were great about writing letters and calling. When were there in 2005,baptizing the kids, we had a dial-up connection and email was our main source of communication.It was so excited to send photos and updates daily opposed to weekly or monthly. I definately didn't feel as isolated as I had in the past. It does only get better!!