Friday, April 27, 2007

Murphy's Law

Funny things are happening since we want to sell the house. I am not sure but I assume that it is Murphy's Law. First, our garage door opener exploded last week. It is always Foti's job to press the button for the garage door to close. As he pressed the button we heard a loud "pop" and the garage door stop closing 3/4 of the way down. I got on my knees to look under the door and saw the motor of the door opener smoking. There was so much smoke that I was almost ready to call 911. Well, in my panic I called Kosta at work and he told me to run to the basement and cut the circuits to the garage. I couldn't just unplug the opener since it was plugged in ABOVE me... (yeah, whoever did that was a genius). When Kosta inspected the situation that evening he noticed that the coil had also snapped. We are out a coil and a motor. We called a 24 hour garage door service and 2 smart ass guys showed up and found everything wrong, naturally. They wanted over $1000.00 to fix it. As Kosta is an engineer he kindly thanked them for coming by and sent them on their way. He will fix it himself. What a man!

This past Wednesday our furnace stopped working. It was really cold in here up until this afternoon. A cheery old man came out to fix it today and we are warm once again. The cool thing about having the furnace out on these balmy days is that we all slept really well, nice and cozy.

These things usually happen in sets of three. What could possibly be next?

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