Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! In the days leading up to today we have been busy with lots of Easter activities. On Friday we went to an Easter Egg hunt and had a lot of fun. We were all FREEZING but we survived.

At brunch I was holding Alexandra while fixing plates for Izabella and Foti when all of the sudden she picked up a jelly-filled doughnut hole and indulged! She loved it! (No kidding, right?)

Izabella's Easter bucket couldn't hold all of the eggs that she found, so she decided to let Foti have the overflow. What a great sister!

At first Foti didn't want to pick any eggs up. I am not sure if it was because he was so cold or he wanted me to do it. :) Once he found out that there were treats inside the eggs he changed his mind and had a blast.

Friday night we dyed our Easter eggs. Our egg dying kit came with these funny little plastic cylinders. This is something that could have been going on forever but I completely missed out on, but I still think that they were weird.

Foti waited patiently between each batch of eggs. Next year I will just use regular bowls to color the eggs and then maybe it won't take so long!

Finally, we gathered for dinner at my sister's house yesterday afternoon. This picture features a handful of cousins.

Happy Easter!!! Kali Anastasi!!

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