Thursday, April 5, 2007

What's New

There are 2 new things in this picture, can you guess what they are?

Yes! Alexandra's first tooth appeared on 3/21/07, the official first day of spring. Her second tooth cut through yesterday! Also, she got her ears pierced on Tuesday. She is growing so quickly.

I can't believe that I haven't updated my post since March. I have been extremely busy. Let's see, what else is new. Oh, our neighbors brought their 2nd daughter home from China last week. I am so happy that she is finally here! Congratulations guys!

Kosta had to translate our tax returns from the last 2 years and then we brought them to the Greek Consulate in Chicago to have them approved. Yeah, Kosta had fun with that. While we were in Chicago we went to the Field Museum. We used to go there a lot pre-children. The kids really liked the animal exhibits but were more interested in where the gift shop was located. I think that they will enjoy it more when they are older.

The painters started on the house this past Monday but haven't been back since. It is too cold! I can't believe the weather this week. It is going to be a cold Easter Egg Hunt for the kids tomorrow!

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