Saturday, March 29, 2008

I bought these flowers at the laiki (open market). Although I asked the vendor about them, I can't remember what they're called. I do know that they'll look great wherever I plant them.


  1. Maybe they're peonies? I have no idea what that is in Greek. Beautiful, no matter the name.

  2. Hi Syd!
    Yeah, I thought that they were peonies too, but I have those in Milwaukee and they're not quite the same. The name in greek starts with "n" so I'll figure it out eventually. I asked for the name 3x and by the time that I got home it slipped my mind.

  3. Very pretty! I haven't had fresh flowers in the house for a long time because of the C-A-T-S but I can put some downstairs now. We finally cleaned up all the construction debris left over in the front of our gate so I'm hoping we (or somebody) can landscape it a bit, for what little there is. As long as it isn't me, because I have a black thumb as regards to growing things.