Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carnival/Apokrias 2009

Kozani clock tower 

It's been  a week since the Apokrias/Carnival celebrations have ended. It's taken me that long to recover from a weekend loaded with food, drinks, kids in costumes and dancing.  
Once again, we headed to Kozani for Apokrias. As my husband's family lives in the center of the city, we were only footsteps from a party at all hours. The music didn't stop until about 8:30am each morning, firecrackers went off randomly and everyone on the street seemed to be enjoying themselves. Sleep didn't come easy but since this only happens once a year, we endured.

Our first endeavor was late Saturday afternoon. As we approached the center of town,  we had to navigate our way through the dancing crowds until we found one that was  filled with familiar faces. 
I was perfectly happy finding a seat so that I could enjoy one of my favorite pastimes...people watching. My husband and his sister started to dance with friends. It was a great way to start our weekend...we eased our way into the celebrations. 

Our table...(not my smokes)

Kosta dancing with friends

Me...sipping some ouzo, enjoying my surroundings. 

Later that evening, I headed back home so that I could get the kids in their costumes so that they could join us.  We took them to the center so that they could indulge in cotton candy, balloons and dancing.  We had a fantastic time! 

Alexandra loves her balloon!

Traditional dancing in the center on Saturday night


A special note for today...

Happy Birthday Christina!


  1. i'm glad you were able to post about this. i was at my sickest during carnival time, and what upset me most was that my children didnt enjoy anything outdoors this year due to this. you know how men need their wives with them to go out for the day with the kids, otherwise they can't cope...

    i've been in kozani at apokries, so i can compare it with what happens down here in crete, and i can assure you that a lot less happens on the island than what goes on in mainland crete - it's a lot more low-key here

    thanks for sharing this

  2. G-day Mrs Prime Minister...Kozani is a wonderful lil city, not too far from my parents' towns (Florina).

    Love a gal that enjoys Ouzo!

  3. It looks you had a wonderful time in Kozani!

  4. Special wishes for Happy Birtday to Christina!

  5. Looks like great fun was had by all. Almost makes me miss Greece, almost...ciao

  6. Nice big glasses of ouzo! :-) I'd love to be in Greece sometime for the whole carnival/lent/easter ritual. Maybe when I retire...if it hasn't all changed by then.

  7. Yes, I agree with Med. Kiwi, very low key here. In fact, Neapoli, our nearest town, didn't have a carnival this year.
    ps. I love ouzo..........yammas!

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    It looks and sounds like so much fun. Nice pictures. Frankie loves balloons too. Too bad we don't have a Carnival Celebration here, so sad. :(
    Take care,

  9. You're looking good and happy and there seems to be the Greek PM in one of those pictures? Do you know him?

    It looks like great fun. My heart cries when I see those great blue skies and think about the weather there in your paradise.

    How and when did you sleep!

  10. Maria, You're welcome! I wanted to post earlier and more but my time is limited. I hope that you feel better now as it seems that you've been hit pretty hard. Yes, I know how it is when you want your husband to take the kids out. Ask me about the day after I brought Alexandra home from the hospital....! :) The bright side is that there's always next year.

    So far, Kozani is the biggest Apokrias celebration I've been a part of. I lived in Drama years ago and although everyone seemed to celebrate...it also didn't compare. Next year we may go to Xanthi...


    Peter M- Yes! Kozani is great! It's a home away from home for me. Although I know Florina for it's amazine peppers(my favorite) I have yet to visit. I will one day.
    As far as ouzo goes...I take everything in moderation and enjoy every sip thoroughly.

    Phivos-Yes! We did! This year was even better than the last. Let's see what happens next year!
    Thanks for wishing my cunyada a Happy Birthday.:)

    Rositta-I caught that! "almost"...LOL! Thanks for the smile. Yes, we had a great time.

    Lulu, Yes! The glasses of ouzo were big but I sipped mine fairly slow. I hope that you are able to make it here during this time also. You would love it! I don't think that the traditions will change- so you have plenty of time.

    Angela-we did have fun...the kids didn't last too long but they had fun when they could. It was nice staying with my in-laws so that we could go out without them.

    Rick- LOL! Yes, I'm close to the PM. I'm his personal photographer. :)
    The weather has been pretty nice this year. Last year it was overcast, damp and it drizzled for most of the weekend.
    Sleep? Well, although we were out and about Saturday afternoon I chose to stay in on Saturday night to reserve myself for Sunday. We were out all night Sunday night into Monday morning...so 2 hours of sleep Monday morning. I haven't done that in over 7 years but it was worth it! And, it did take me a week to recover:)