Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Carnival Celebration

Our weekend in Kozani was great! There were plenty of exciting carnival activities for everyone to enjoy. We went to a parade on Sunday as well as the bonfires(fanoi) on Sunday night. MIL lives in the center of the city, the last picture was taken just out the door and around the corner from where she lives. The music didn't stop until 9 AM Monday morning! Izabella, Alexandra & Gigi didn't sleep well because of all of the noise-especially since they're used to only owls "hooing" and a neighbor's dog barking at night. I took over 200 photos so I'll share a few throughout the week. Enjoy!


  1. Yep, the Greeks sure know how to party. I suppose that's why they're also good at naps.
    I love the costumes!

  2. What adorable costumes! Your kids look like they had the carnival spirit even if they didn't get much sleep. What fun. Did you dress up too?

  3. That's great! Your girls look so cute. Can't wait to see your other pics. =)

  4. Syd- Thanks! I know, the partying is always a ton of fun and it's no wonder why the mesi-meri nap is taken so seriously!

    Mel-Thanks! Yes, the kids were very excited. They loved all of the confetti and balloons.
    About dressing up-I had good intentions, but after packing up a family and a dog for a few days-packing my own costume slipped my mind. I just wore a google-head thing and Kosta wore funny glasses. Next year!

    Greek Goddess-Thank you! I'll share more pics as time permits, glad you like them!