Thursday, March 13, 2008

More parade photos...


  1. Hey Cheryl! I just had a fun time catching up with your blog. Your trip to Agistro sounds amazingly wonderful - I checked out the spa photos and it really made me want to go there. Love the gorgeous tree branches you are forcing, and was so happy to see the photos from the Kozani carnival. The pictures with kids - yours and others - are my favorites! Too bad about the strikes. I'm with you about the annoyance of Greece's unexpected power outages. In the village, we also lose water from time to time, another huge annoyance. As for the life challenges you have faced since your move, I am so sympathetic. Been there, done that, and will be doing it again in the next few years. As you say, there are good things but there are also very very frustrating challenges. You are my inspiration.

  2. Laurie, gosh, you make me blush! :) Thank you for your kind words, you made my day.
    About strikes-I have also been here when there was no water-that's the tough one. When the power goes out you can still get water out of the faucet, but when the water stops running-there's only so much you can do with bottled water-ie-shower? Dishes? I usually scramble to do everything that requires power early in the morning and I leave the dishes for when the power is out-I'm getting the hang of this! Our power went out again this
    morning when I was starting my new post. I hope that it doesn't continue too much longer.
    Hopefully, there won't be any strikes in September.
    Take care!!