Friday, March 21, 2008

Fresh, fresh eggs

So it's Good Friday and because we are mostly celebrating Easter according to the Orthodox calendar this year, we haven't colored any eggs yet. In lieu of colored eggs I thought that I'd share some "fresh" eggs with everyone. As we know a lot of folks with their own chickens and we have small children, we are always receiving fresh eggs and it's really quite nice. I laughed the other day when we received a sack of fresh eggs from Kosta's uncle because they were so fresh that the feathers and the straw from the chicken coop were still attached to the egg...hence...the above photo. Now that's fresh!

Along with the eggs covered with feathers and straw were a pair of green eggs. Kosta's uncle proclaims these eggs to have reduced cholesterol. I don't know why he believes this but it is so. It reminded me of my friend Mel's post about green eggs.
Wednesday, I went to our local book store and the owner is an absolute doll. She's really peppy and as soon as she saw me she ran into the backroom and came out with some eggs. Apparently, her neighbor unloaded a bunch on her and she was generous enough to share. Also, with it being the Lenten season, those that are fasting are giving a lot of eggs away so that they're not wasted. And since we're not fasting-we're prime candidates to receive a lot of eggs. Now, before she gave the eggs to me she ran into the backroom again to bring out a cup of water. She wanted to show me how one can tell if an egg is really "fresh" or not. So, she put an egg into the cup of water -horizontally. It sat that way -on its side and didn't move, which apparently means it's fresh. If the egg was to tilt vertically, then it's not so fresh. According to her method of verification, they were very fresh. That was really cute and I appreciated her enthusiasm -and the eggs of course.
Well, that's all I have about the eggs. I hope that anyone that's celebrating Good Friday today has a nice one. Oh, and if you're going to a fish fry in Wisconsin...have a big piece of beer battered cod for me!


  1. That first picture kinda creeps me out a little bit. It looks like a head with hair!

    It's weird not celebrating Easter with the rest of the world, isn't it? I still can't quite get used to it.

  2. Mel-I know-the first pic is creepy and probably a bit gross. I thought that it was funny and definitely not something my folks see every day. You know how most of the eggs are back home- white and clean. I'm always thankful for the eggs, but sometimes it would help if someone could at least wipe them off! :)(the eggs from the bookstore were very clean)

    It is weird not celebrating Easter. It's a lot earlier this year and caught me off guard as I've been so distracted. Well, I hope that you have a nice Easter tomorrow-at least in spirit!

  3. I'm with both you and Mel, that feathery egg is kind of creepy. But the taste of eggs that fresh is so much better than eggs in American supermarkets.

    Cheryl, I thought you might like this piece my friend Maria wrote:

    And, most important, Happy Easter! We went to our friend's today for a wonderful lunch - it's been a great day!

  4. Laurie, Thanks. We had a nice quiet Easter. We were at the tail end of another family virus so we didn't plan anything aside from some treats for the kids.
    Our power went off for over and hour just as we were making it was kind of cool, by candelight.(But, annoying since we thought that power cuts were over!)
    BTW-thanks for the link to Maria V's blog. I enjoyed reading that post!

  5. I'm glad it doesn't remind you of my egg story. Do you remember what happened when we got fresh farm eggs from the xorio? Ergh.

  6. Kat, yes, I certainly do remember that story! I think of it almost every time that I'm ready to crack one open!