Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday update

Spring is definitely here! The trees started blossoming right before I got sick and while I was sick it seems that everything has bloomed! It's really beautiful.
We've been working outside and I've been catching up inside. What a mess! Last night was the first night that I actually cooked a real meal since before I was sick. Izabella was thrilled. She told my mom on the phone last night that I made the best meal ever! Boy, that makes me feel good. I made pork souvlaki with white rice and a Greek salad on the side. Simple, easy and fresh. No more quick hot dogs or pasta & cheese. Mommy is back!
The other day the kids came home from school with white and red threads tied around their wrists. The told me that it's to keep the sun from burning them during spring and at the end of the month pelicans will come and bring them presents. Hmmm, pelicans bearing gifts? Interesting. So, it's something that I need to learn about and work with so that I don't inadvertently crush the expectations of my kids. Anyone know anything about this?
News about the hairdresser from hell:

I talked to a friend of mine that lives in the town where I got my hair hacked and she almost fell backwards. Apparently, this woman is KNOWN for being a horrible hair stylist. She says that she would have warned me if I would have talked to her before I went to the appointment. It turns out that the infamous hair hacker did my friend's hair for her wedding day...and needless to say she said that she made her look horrible on her wedding day. I haven't actually seen her wedding photos yet, but I'm anxious to have a chance.


Our electric has gone off for 3 days straight-for between 2 or 4 hours each time! It's completely frustrating and annoying because I really can't do much while it's off. Today I used the time to go outside the perimeter of our property and pick up trash. I filled a big bag and there's a little more to pick up. What's interesting is that most of the trash consists of disposable coffee cups, straws, plastic bottles and plastic bags from grocery stores; in the same place that my neighbor parks. So, let's see if more garbage starts to appear again. Litterbugs.


Finally, we'll be celebrating carnival in Kozani this weekend. The kids are excited to have the chance to wear their costumes again. There's a parade in the center of town on Sunday and a lot of public dancing, along with bonfires and a lot of wine! I remember celebrating carnival in Drama and we danced all night. Also, I remember that the Greeks really love to play the Gipsy Kings during carnival. I can't wait to shake it!



  1. what pretty flowers! glad to see you are feeling better. i love seeing all the photos.

    (it's only hair, it grows, right?)

  2. The electricity thing - nice strike, huh? I would think critical services wouldn't be allowed to strike, since the army isn't allowed to strike (my husband can't strike when the other doctors strike). I understand the problem, and I sympathize, but no need to keep your fellow countrymen from having electricity and enjoying life in the 21st century!

    I don't even know how to make pork souvlaki! I'm not a very good Greek cook.

    I have not heard of the pelican thing, but it would be a really neat thing for your kids to make up just to get gifts. It sounds like a tradition from an island or something (doesn't Mykonos have a famous pelican?)

    Have fun at carnival!

  3. Linda, thanks! It's great to hear from you! The flowers are beautiful aren't they? Most of the trees have blossomed, I have to take more pictures!

    Mel, The strike! Ugh. I can't believe it. No-wait-I can believe it. It's so inconvenient and unfair. It's so typical. I was here one summer and they would turn it off and on all day in 1/2 blocks, so just when you started to move on with life-off it would go off again. I hope that it's over soon Yesterday we were without power twice. No one can do anything. Try having kids with no power-at night! I really hope that they finish striking soon.
    The pelican thing does sound a little fishy. I'll call the school too-to see what they told the kids. It sounds strange.
    About souvlaki-it's really easy. I brought my George Foreman grill with me and I just pop them on there for a few minutes at a time and then they're done...easy with little mess. Have a great weekend!

  4. Photos are great, as always!

    Glad you're feeling better, I know everyone really misses you when you're not in there cooking, cleaning and caring for everyone and everything.

    We hadn't had any power outages until I tried writing you that e-mail. LOL! Figures.

    And about the bad hairdresser. That kind of thing happens all over the country, whereas if someone was horrible back in the USA, they'd be out of business pronto. It's amazing to me how unskilled, rude people are able to keep working.

    Mykonos has Petros the Pelican, but I believe the tradition existed before that and I don't know what it is.

  5. Hey Kat-Thanks! You know what? You are soooo lucky that your power hasn't been cut frequently. Since last week Wed. we've had power outages a minimum of 2 hours each day, including yesterday. In Kozani they didn't have any outages on Sunday or Monday but I'm not sure about yesterday. In fact, they usually cut the power here in the morning so I'll be logging off shortly so that I can get some work dont before they cut it.
    About bad hair stylists-I know! They'd never work again! My hair is growing but I just can't stand it! I feel like I look like the mom from "Malcom in the Middle"...what's her name? Jane Kaczmarek?
    The pelican- there hasn't been any mention of the pelican again. I'm not sure. I'm going to ask the school what they told them. She's still wearing her string on her wrist though, she's taking this very seriously! :)