Monday, October 5, 2009


 There are so many stories that lie within forgotten and unkempt things. I took these photos about one month ago as I  walked along the beach with the kids. Watching them quietly examine what was before their little eyes was amazing. Izabella was worried that one of the kids near us lost their sandal and wanted to return it. This sandal appeared to have been lost for a while. But, I let her ask the children nearby if it belonged to any of them. It hadn't.
 Foti carefully inspected the old fishermen's shack and asked so many questions. He found old hooks and fishing lines in the sand. He talked about this shack for the rest of the afternoon, offering his thoughts about who it belonged to and why they didn't fix it.
And I took photos, naturally.


  1. this has motivated me to take a walk by the beach one day, now that it is becoming void of tourists - the scene will change very quick to that of a forgotten one...

  2. Maria, I'm glad that this is motivating. These were taken the day before you visited-only locals were on the beach and it was so enjoyable. I can't wait to see pics that you take on your walk!!
    Have a beautiful week Maria!

  3. Very artistic photos Cheryl. Excellent shots!

  4. Phivos, my wonderful friend...thank you. I'm glad you like them.
    Have a fantastic day!

  5. hope to catch up with your blog, lovely pictures!

  6. Hi Malu!!! So glad you're checking out my blog. Now you'll have a little more insight ~~
    I'll be in touch:)