Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little more baptism...

The morning after the baptism we went to church with Alexandra's Nona so that Alexandra could receive her 1st communion. After a Greek baptism, it's tradition to attend church for 3 services/Sundays following the ceremony so that the child can receive communion. As of last Sunday, we've attended church together 3 weeks in a row and she's received communion 3 times. She now knows what to expect at church and I have to say, she's not really liking it. Her Nona should hold her in her arms for the communion and she would only go to her once, willingly. So, now we'll try to go to church together at least once a month.

On the third day after the baptism, it's tradition for the Godparents to bathe the child. Yes, she was oily for 3 days.(I kept telling her that she smelled like salad) The bath water is saved and either poured into the sea or into a flower bed. We chose the flower bed since it was easier for us at the time.

Depending on the region and/or family traditions...the bath can be another big event in which family and friends are invited to witness. We kept it small. I made coffee and Alexandra's Nona brought sweets. Our two families and some neighbors were here for the bath so it was nice and simple. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

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