Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday Sunset

Last Thursday heavy clouds loomed above and it seemed as if it was going to rain all day- but luckily it didn't - the rain held out until later that night. The day seemed pretty damp and dreary-not particularly enjoyable nor was it overly uncomfortable.  After having been in the car almost all day I couldn't wait to get home.  As I drove toward the sea I noticed spectacular colors and stopped to take a few photos. 
Off on a secluded corner of the beach I could see one man fishing. The water was calm, the beach was clean. He turned to look at me a few times. I know that I probably interrupted his concentration as I took some shots. I felt like walking on my tiptoes, since I'd disrupted the rhythm of the sea  faintly lapping the shoreline. 
After about five minutes I packed my camera away and got into the car, I could still see the man. He watched  intently as I drove away, probably thankful that he would have the last few minutes of the sunset to himself.  

Know where to find the sunrise and sunset times and note how the sky looks at those times, at least once. 
~Marilyn vos Savant~ 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ~ Καλή Xρονιά

Happy New Year, Καλή χρονιά...

This holiday season has been extremely busy for me and I have so many photos I've taken of the things that the kids have enjoyed, I think I'll just start with yesterday...New Year's Eve. Our children don't wait for Santa Claus to arrive on Christmas eve, instead they anticipate the arrival of Agios Vassilis on New Year's eve. What's really great about where we live is that each year, a small town nearby, the town of  Nea Michaniona, holds an extra special  event for the local children. Agios Vassilis arrives on a boat bearing gifts for all of the children eagerly waiting. We've only attended this event once so far, in 2009, since last year we didn't know what time it started and arrived an hour late. This year, a friend of mine that lives there provided me with the correct time that Agios Vassilis was expected and we were early- which meant that we had plenty of time to indulge in the cotton candy that was being sold. 

Alexandra waits for her cotton candy, with her money in hand. Funny thing is that she walked off with the cotton candy without paying in the end. I didn't notice as I was working with Foti and his cotton candy, I think it's amazing how fast kids manage to get sticky. The vendor kindly pointed out that she owed him money, so I made sure that she paid him. 

The kids are always amazed when they watch the cotton candy being made. 

Foti takes his cotton candy seriously. 

They were so thrilled. Did you  notice that Alexandra's cotton candy is almost bigger than she is? 
(...and that this post is almost turning into one about cotton candy?) 

Just as they finished their fun with the cotton candy and washed their hands, Agios Vassilis could be seen off in the distance, waving red flares.  Definitely exciting. 

Young scouts row the boat the brings Agios Vassilis to the shore. 

The children are so excited to see him. 

A glimpse of Agios Vassilis handing out gifts. 

After our visit, we went home to bake White Chip Chocolate Cookies so that we had something  leave out for Agios Vassilis. Iza helped me bake this batch and was very proud to pose for a photo, since she  measured  the ingredients and rolled most of the dough into balls before they went in the oven.

So Agios Vassilis has come and gone, my children are quietly enjoying their new gifts while I sip on my coffee and put together this post.  I don't make resolutions, so I don't have one. What I do have is hope that 2011 will be a great one, a year to remember.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year!
Καλή Xρονιά!