Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thessaloniki Zoo

Last Sunday we spent a few hours at the zoo in Thessaloniki. It's located on "Kedrinos Lofos" at the top of the city. The weather was so mild and beautiful that we had to get out and enjoy it. I remembered to wear appropriate shoes this time as well. The first time that I visited the zoo last spring, I wore boots with heels and suffered because this zoo is located on a hill and there are steep pathways and stairs throughout.  .

The kids love the zoo because of its many paths and bridges.

We enjoyed watching ducks swim in ponds.

There are open green spaces that the kids loved to run through.

I love the stone walkways that wind through the zoo. Very pretty.

Alexandra was enthralled by the sight of deer.

Izabella always talks to the animals.

"Don't Feed the Animals"
Although these signs are present, very few zoo visitors pay attention to them. I saw people feeding animals popcorn, bread and chocolate filled croissants. What a shame.

A wolf. The fencing made it a bit difficult to get a good photo.

The girls interacting with a rooster.

This zoo is really a gorgeous park. We love all of the creeks that run through it.

Looking down at one of the bridges.

A family enjoying the view of a duck pond.

There are two bears at the zoo...here's one.

Again, Izabella loves animals. She was letting this deer lick her hands.

On our way out...
 we were really hungry and a little tired from walking up and down the hill for well over an hour.

Outside of the zoo they have amusements and toys for sale, like anywhere that attracts families. We managed to get away without spending money on any of these frills. It wasn't easy but we did!

After the leaving the zoo, we went out for pizza. It was the perfect way to end our outing.


  1. A fun day out. That looks like a really great place for the kids to wear themselves out! I'm all for that! Lovely photos of course.

    It's a shame that places like this are few and far between in Greece. What's so difficult about having a few nice parks about? I really hope that someday soon the old airport in Athens gets converted into a huge park. If they had done it right after the Olympics it would have been well established by now.


  2. wish i was there with you
    we didnt see the zoo when we visited thessaloniki the last time, so more family fun for our next trip...

  3. @Liz,
    Thank you! Yes, it was a fun day out but the kids wore us out-instead of the other way around.
    It is really a shame that there aren't more spaces like this in Greece. This park/zoo is actually very big though. Luckily it wasn't very busy because we've been when it was busy and it's not enjoyable to fight the crowds just to look at a duck.
    I hope that the old airport in Athens becomes a park soon too because the green space is necessary. It would be wonderful.
    Have a nice evening Liz :)

    I wish that you were here too! It would be so nice to plan afternoon excursions with the kids.
    We'll have plenty to do around town the next time that you visit. I've started a list, have you? :)
    Have a great evening Maria!

  4. Twenty times to Greece and I never visited this park/zoo.

    You're right, Greece needs more green space and...what were you thinking, high heels? lol

  5. What a fun day! We have never made it to Thessaloniki...probably since we have no relatives there, lol. However, the next trip is all about seeing what we haven't yet seen. I will have to add to zoo to the list. (but it looks like the animal enclosures may be sad and small. Were they?)

  6. Oh It looks as though everyone had a wonderful time at the zoo. It always amazing me at the animals the different zoos have, here in Arizona we do not have a bear at the zoo, I love looking at the bears, in Oklahoma when I went to the zoo as a child I remember seeing the bear, they are so big, and fun to watch.

    Happy Holidays


    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Heidi ♥

  7. Beautiful pics. My gosh your kids have grown! I'm glad you had such a great time. XX

  8. @ Peter- I can't believe it! We'll have to go to the zoo together then-let the kids show you around.
    Yes, the heels!!! I had no idea the 1st time. This time, however, I watched as other women climbed the rocky stairs and empathized. And I have to add that I'm glad none of our kids are still in strollers, it looked like torture to maneuver one uphill. Have a good evening!

    @ pumpkin- we did have a great day. I'll send you more pics asap. But, you need to come to the zoo with us!!

    @ constance- We did enjoy ourselves. It's not the type of zoo we're familiar with in the U.S.
    The 2 bears were sick. The one I photographed had cage sickness. The bears are the largest animals and I do believe that their enclosures are sad and small. But aside from the bears everything is beautiful, a very nice outing. Have a nice evening!

    @ Heidi- Yes, we did have a great time. It is amazing to see how zoo animals vary around the world. I'm used seeing bears as I'm from WI. I love them! They even have polar bears at the Milwaukee Co. Zoo.
    I suppose that it would be difficult to take care of bears in the desert.
    Thanks for following my blog. I've been to yours briefly and it's beautiful.

    Have a great evening!

    @ GeekGoddess-you meant "Greek" right? :)
    I've missed you!! I just read your response to the comment I left you -just take comfort in knowing that we all have back stories ;) Living here is a constant struggle, I empathize and understand. Don't be a stranger! xo

  9. This is a fantastic post and your new 'look' is great. Just change your personal photo though!!! You have so many beautiful others...

  10. I forgot to mention that the zoo in Athens is almost ENTIRELy flat so it is great for everyone and easily accessible for disabled people and those with baby strollers.

    The enclosures seem to be being improved all the time, when they get the money to do it they do. I was quite pleased since I don't enjoy it when I think the animals are sad!

    I really recommend a visit to anyone near. Or if you are passing through Athens Airport you could do a lot worse than spend an hour or two at the zoo. It is only about 15 minutes up the Attiki odos.

  11. @ Phivos-
    I'm glad that you enjoyed this post and that you like the new look of the blog. About my profile photo, I am considering a change but can't decide which photo I'll use yet! Thank you for always being so kind!!

    Have a wonderful night:)

    @ Liz-
    Thank you for the information...good to know that there arent' any uphill battles. Again, I'm thankful my kids are old enough to walk because there are some pretty scary slopes if you have a stroller or a toddler that wants to run on its own. A lot of yia yias have to pass on the zoo here, I know that my pethera would definitely have a hard time here. But, again, it is a gorgeous place.

    I have heard only positive things regarding the zoo in Athens and I'm trying to convince my better half to take the kids one weekend. I'm glad to hear that the zoo updates regularly-it does sound like a fantastic destination.

    Have a great night Liz! :)

  12. Hi Cheryl,
    That zoo and pizza look great! What a fun day. Nice pictures.
    Take care,

  13. Cheryl, Looks like a great family outing. The children are so cute. They have such expressive faces, a telltale indication for how engaged they are in their love of life.
    I always feel so conflicted when I visit a zoo. We have a very fine one here that I often take my little nephew to, but it's awkward explaining to him why the exotic animals "get to" live there.

  14. @ Angela-

    Thank you :) It was a nice break from the ordinary. I hope that you're enjoying your weekend.

    @ Biddy-
    Yes, it was a nice outing. We don't usually leave home a lot because we have so much to do around here. We try let our children experience as much as possible.
    I feel the same about zoos-conflicted-especially when animals display the characteristics of cage sickness. :(

    Have a nice Sunday Biddy!

  15. Hi, You've managed to put more information in your post than all the online resources about the zoo I can find -thank you very much.
    My wife Debbie and I moved to Greece a year ago and we now live in Perea. We like to get out and explore and I definitely want to go and see the zoo. Do you know what buses (if any) go to the zoo?

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