Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The kids have been waiting for this day for the whole
month! We've had our decorations around the house since the first week and I
bought the pumpkins about 3 weeks ago. They wanted to carve them immediately but
I made them wait until last night because our weather here is so mild that they
would have been eaten up by critters and bugs before Halloween arrived. Besides,
we had to wait for Kosta to come home to help us carve them. He was in Milwaukee
for the last month and just arrived home on Wednesday, so we've had quite a busy
week. Here are some pictures from our pumpkin carving last night...

The kids waiting to get started...

Iza "gutting" her pumpkin...

Foti watching Kosta cut through what I consider one of the thickest
pumpkins I'd ever dealt with...

Foti with his finished pumpkin! (Iza's is the one at the
beginning of the post)

Tonight we're having a small costume party complete with a candy hunt. We have scary sounds, candy corn and other snacks. We're lighting a bonfire and ending the evening with walk through our haunted woods. This little party is just a warm up for the years to come! So, if you celebrate Halloween enjoy yourselves!

****I also want to wish little ALEXIS a very Happy Birthday!****


  1. happy halloween cheryl, although i have never celebrated halloween, i can imagine how much you must miss this festival

  2. Happy holloween to Chatzis family. Have fun dears.

  3. It all sounds like so much fun!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Happy Halloween! Sorry we couldn't come to the party, it sounds like it was going to be a blast!

    Where oh where did you find pumpkins like that? I've only found gourd looking things that my husband calls pumpkins.

  5. Happy Halloween Cheryl! Nothing better than cutting pumpkins with kids - I do really love the pictures!

  6. happy, happy halloween cheryl!
    Ilove your time cutting the pumpkins with kids and your husband.Ican tell you had a grate time.

  7. Maria, it's always a lot of fun and although we do celebrate it in our home, it's not the same and I do miss being in the U.S. for Halloween.

    Philip, thank you! We did have a lot of fun!

    Angela, Thank you! I have to check out your blog to see what the Frankfurter wore for Halloween! I'm a bit behind on my rounds:)

    Mel, Thank you! You would have had fun, but there's always next year! Next time I'll do it on a Saturday. I found the pumpkins at Marinopoulos. I saw some there yesterday too. I may get around to making pumpkin bread of something as I've saved the pumpkin guts. :)

    Laurie, Thank you! We did have a nice time cutting the pumpkins. The kids couldn't wait. They took there pumpkins in their rooms that night...and put them on their desks. It was cute. I'm glad you like the pics because I love taking them!

    Christina, Hi! and Thank you! We did have a good time. The kids will tell you all about it! :)

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, and now I've found yours. Happy Halloween belatedly! It's one of my favorite holidays. This year we gave out 4 bags of candy; I'm happy kids and their parents still trick or treat!


  9. Philip! Thank you! All the way from Sweden!!!

    Iosifina, you're quite welcome...and thank you! :)
    Four bags of candy is amazing!In our neighborhood in Milwaukee I used to have to chase kids to give them candy and it was a bummer. We lived near a university. So, we packed the kids up and went trick or treating with our God daughter -her neighborhood was so much fun! I'm going to finally try your recipe this week!

  10. Everything looks and sounds great! Spooky =]

  11. It was a lot of fun! The kids really had a blast.

  12. The lit-up pumpkin is very scary looking - it's the mouth that makes it. Looks like you had a grand Halloween!

  13. Laurie, yes we did. We had a great time.