Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kosta's TV appearance

Here's the video of Kosta's appearance on "6 me 10 mazi". My friend, Belpana, was gracious enough to record and post the video for us. Thank you Belpana!


  1. A hilarious piece..thanks for sharing as I missed this via satellite.

    I think you make to make an appearance next..."My name is Cheryl - not Seril"!

  2. you need to start cashing in on this before d-day comes up for him (or should i say, the other one...)

  3. Wonderful, you will have to start asking for his autogragh!!!

  4. This is so good Mrs. Prime Minister!!

  5. Peter, thank you. I thought that he was funny too. As far as my name one can say "sh"...and no one seems to even make the effort to try. My nickname is "Cheri"...the all call me "Cherry" or "Seri"...
    Ti na kano? :)

    Maria, LOL! You're right, but I think that's about enough of this sort of thing for him. He's had a good time.

    Jude, we laugh about that all of the time. Thus far nobody has requested one. :)

    Phivos-Thank you. I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. :)

  6. What i liked the most,was when "Mr Prime Minister" referred to multivitamin pills of support.He made clear that he uses them for political purpose!

  7. Christos, Hi! I'm so glad that you liked it. It's good to be in touch again:)My regards to you & your family!!!

  8. He needs to get his book 'My First 100 Days in Office' out now before the next election. ;)

  9. Rick...LOL! That's a good one:)
    I'll make the suggestion ;)

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