Monday, May 31, 2010

Afternoon Adventure

Here's a structure that we drive by quite frequently. I've been told that it's an old monastery that has burned down. I don't know what it was officially though. Each time we drive by the kids ask about it and want to stop to take a look around. So, one afternoon last month we had time to explore what remains of the monastery. 

This photo was taken from what I believe was the interior of the building. 

Toward the back of the structure. 

The field outside of the monastery. 

Alexandra on the road in front of the monastery. 

Inside of the structure. 

Alexandra's shoe fell off...

Her favorite gold shoes. It's great that Izabella is already a  photographer and was able to document the moment! She's very attentive. 

Pretty purple wildflowers. 


More wild flowers. I don't know what these are, unfortunately.

There's a small shrine (εκκλησάκι) on the property which captured the curiosity of my little ones. 

There's a fig tree toward the back of the structure. A friend of mine told me that she takes here children there in the summer gather figs. 

Here, I'm  in the field near the monastery. I didn't take too many photos from the inside because the weeds were so thick and high. One week prior to this adventure we walked through the overgrown weeds and  a tick hitched a ride on my forehead, (only to be discovered as I was driving home!)  so this time I didn't want to risk anymore hitchhikers on myself or the kids. 

~Have a nice week~
~Καλή εβδομάδα~


  1. "Seryl"....pou einai afto to monastiraki?

  2. Just outside of town. I think it's technically in Mesimeri. I'll take you there this summer. It's on the way to your house :)
    Kalinixta kai Kali evdomada pethimou :P

  3. Thankyou for sharing your visit to the monastery ruins and what a photogenic girl you have! Lovely post!

  4. The last picture says it all! CC is "Out-standing in her field!" Nice blog, Goddess of the Twitterverse!

  5. Just excellent Cheryl. Great post full of beautiful pictures! Have a nice week. Hugs.

  6. Great pictures. Your kids are so cute. Kali vdomada!
    I would scream if I had a tick on my forehead:)

  7. @ Joy... You're welcome Joy! I'm impressed by the talent of my children every day. Have a great week!

    @ Spuds...You are so, so good to me...always! But, here's the thing, I'm squatting in the field! haha
    Precious. The Goddess of the Twitterverse thanks you and wishes you a fantastic week!!
    ( you are sooooo good for my ego!)

    @ Phivos...Thank you!! I'm glad that you've enjoyed my post. Wishing you a fantastic week also...sending hugs from all of us!!

    @ Ivy...Good morning :) Thank you for the compliments, I think my kids are cute too. I did scream when I found the tick. I felt it crawling, thought it was a fly, brushed it aside (so I thought) and it kept irritating me. So I looked in the mirror on the visor of the car & saw that it was a tick, screamed and then pulled to the side of the road to get rid of it...and check the kids. I get itchy just thinking about it.
    Kali vdomada Ivy!

    @ ELENI...THANK YOU!! Kali vdomada! I wish your week to be a phenomenal one! :):)

  8. Thank you for stopping by...Beautiful shots as always.x.

  9. Cheryl, the daisy-shaped purple flower is malva (μολόχα) one of several closely related genera in the family of mallow. The leaves are used as a boiled dish or we make them dolmathes.
    The other purple flower is smooth vetch (βίκος, αγριομπιζέλι, Vicia dasycarpa). :)

  10. Mariana, thank you so much! The malva are everywhere & I wouldn't have considered cooking them. Excellent information, thank you!!
    Have a nice week :)