Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Captivated by the Sunset

 It was just another busy evening. The children were outside chasing toads- letting out sharp squeals whenever one slipped away. Then I heard the word "lizard"- which lead to more squeals of delight. Inside, I was trying to tidy up and  finish some chores I had neglected earlier. I had a headache. I walked out on the balcony to collect laundry I had hung to dry early that had to be dry. I looked out toward the sea when I was intrigued by the sunset. I left the laundry, took a deep breath and leaned over the rail a bit so that I could capture some fresh air breezing by. It was a wonderful moment, I was captivated by the sun as I patiently watched it disappear behind the hills across the sea. Was it 10 minutes? I'm not sure, but it was enough and although my headache hadn't subsided, it was less intense and I felt a sense of calm. 


  1. Beautiful! Have some coffee and enjoy it for me too! Xoxo

  2. Great picture! Totally share the sentiments. I too have been snagged and captivated by the sky, the sea and the amazing clouds. We live in such an amazing place! Aren't we lucky??

  3. @ Christie...I have been...but it's still lonely on my balcony without you~

    @ Jes...Thank you. I have to say that I've never experienced more beautiful sunsets anywhere else. We do live in an amazing place :)


    @ Laurie...thank you Laurie! I hope you were captivated by many while you were on the island~ :0)

  4. Amazing sunset shot. Great photographer your are Cheryl with a lot of sensitivities!

  5. Phivos...thank you, sunrise & sunsets are my favorite shots-as you might know.
    Thank you!
    Hugs :)