Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been over a week since my last post! I usually don't like to have that much time lapse between postings but I've been very busy. Kosta was in Wisconsin for the whole month of October and there's a lot of work to catch up on. Also, the first week that he was back I was very sick so he had to step in and help. I have perfect timing, don't I?

That weekend he left to visit his family and later in the week he had to travel to Athens to finally have the emissions tested on our car that we imported over a year ago. So, he was gone for another three days so I've been on my own a lot.

Of the more important things that needed to be done last week were having our diesel delivered so that we could finally have real heat in the house and we had to have the property tilled(freza) since it rained most of the month of September and it didn't get done then. So, here are some photos from last week...
Freshly tilled soil-I always love how the earth looks just after this is done.

Gigi really enjoys the fluffy soil after it's been tilled. She rolls in it! (drives me over the edge!) But, it makes her happy. Dirty dog! :)

The man that was tilling our soil made an amazing discovery in the olive trees...a beehive! The bees must work very fast because I was just back in the trees picking olives about one month ago and this wasn't there. It's impressive isn't it? The best part is that now we have our own honey!

Here's a closer look at the beehive. I didn't want to get too close as I'm sure that most of you understand!

Our neighbor has the experience and equipment to handle bees so he said that he would help us remove this hive. We're probably going to set up our own boxes(is that what they're called?) so that we don't destroy the colony. Bees are disappearing rapidly and we'd like to do our little part in keeping them around. This beehive is just amazing and it's a great experience for the kids to see them at work, priceless experience.

Here's a photo of Gigi basking in the dirt, like a little piggy.

It rained a few days later and Gigi decided to really act like a little piggy and she almost turned black. She had more burs on her than normal on this day also. So, we've decided that Gigi isn't allowed outside without a leash this winter. I can't bathe her everyday. I don't like it and she definitely doesn't like it so we'll see how this works out.

I'll leave you with a photo of a beautiful sunrise that I captured. Have a great week!


  1. So, after a busy week you are back at last! Perfect text and beautiful photos! Welcome back dear friend!

  2. Philip, thank you! It's nice to have a little extra time. Thanks for welcoming me back!

  3. Your olive grove is beautiful - nice old trees! And the beehive! What fun. I've been tempted since reading Martha Stewart's blog post about harvesting her honey. I'm all excited for you!

    Did you ever read Harry the Dirty Dog? Gigi's the new Harry, and someday someone will think they've found a new brown or grey dog until they wash her.

  4. thanks for the amazing little journey through your olive grove. you have a flat piece of land with lots of space between the trees (from what i see) - so unlike our own terrains, which are hilly and steep. our own olives are set on terraces of land, each one with a stepp incline to the next...
    very entrepreneuring of you to set up your own beehives - i take it you'll be harvesting your own honey (lucky you).
    i can imagine gigi's dirty paws all over your floors - aaaarghh!

  5. omigosh cheryl, i am SO JEALOUS!!!! bees! olive trees! gardens! dirty dogs! (ok, not the dirty dogs. ^_^)

    google 'home beekeeping' you'll find lots of info.

  6. Syd, you know, Harry the Dirty Dog sounds familiar but I haven't read it. Gigi does sound like she'd be a good Harry. I saw a dog just like her on the street a few days ago and that dog was grey instead of white. She seems pretty happy to be inside more where she's cozy and warm.
    I love Martha Stewart and now I have to check out her blog. I bet that she has a lot of great tips. I'll keep you posted with the whole process.

    Maria, you're quite welcome. We do have a nice flat piece of land. I've seen some olive groves in the area on hills and I always remark that it must be difficult to maintain trees on the side of the hill, let alone terraced earth... but, it's so worth it!
    Yes, we'll start harvesting our own honey. This should be an adventure. Our neighbor is willing help us and show us what to do. We'll strategically place some of the boxes right where one of our other neighbor's friend parks and throws out trash. Maybe he won't park there anymore...so they'll be great to have in a lot of ways! :P

    Linda, can you believe it? Me? With all of this stuff? Could you have imagined it when we first met in our little froo-froo job? As Beth would say..."who would've thunk it?"
    And, the dirty dog is a problem of the past...she's been good about staying in. She loves it although I bet she misses sticking her nose in the dirt.

  7. Hi cheryl,
    Your photos of your olive grove are lovely. You must live outside of Thessaloniki. We have a house in Vatopedi, Sithonia that we visit each summer. I am so attached to the olive trees; we're surrounded by them on all sides plus we have many on our property--some are "volunteers" as they just appeared. Interesting beehive you have! --Iosifina

  8. What a gorgeous piece of property! If I were Gigi I would roll around in the dirt, too! I can see how that would get annoying and old after awhile. When you harvest your honey will you make a big pan of Baklava and eat a piece for me? :)

  9. Iosifina, Thank you, we love our olive grove as well. It's a slice of serenity. I've been to Sithonia and it's absolutely beautiful. Our family has a summer house on Kassandra and we see Sithonia from our balcony. Nothing like Halkidiki!
    We have a lot of volunteer fig trees that try to grow everywhere:)
    And yes...we live outside of Thessaloniki! :)
    Angela, Thank you! We love our property. It's just about 5 acres and there are 130 olive trees and 25-30 fruit trees...I'm not quite sure. We love it but it's a lot of work.
    I have never made baklava, especially since there's so much available at all of these awesome bakeries. It's something that I will eventually get to though, I'd love to make it. I used to watch a good friend make it at his restaurant and it looks fairly easy. I still think that his was the best I've ever had. I'll have a piece for you anyway!

  10. Strange. I saw my comment published when I first left it, but it's gone now.

  11. Lovely trees and orchard, and the beehive is absolutly amazing!! How exciting that you'll soon have your own honey. There is nothing better than honey straight from the hive. Once again - I'm jealous (but very happy for you!).

  12. Laurie, you're always welcome to visit! I'd love to share this with all of my friends. It is so peaceful. I love it, that's why most people will find me here before anywhere else. Have a great weekend!! OH, and yes...I'm really excited about the honey. I can't even tell you how much I consume!

  13. Honey is really good for you, so you're just doing your duty by eating it a lot. Pair it with strained yogurt and it's pretty much a prescription for anything that ails you! You know I'd love to come for a visit...

  14. That olive grove looks tempting. The bees knees. ;) And I'll bet the weather is stunning too! All the best.

  15. Laurie, I had yogurt & honey for breakfast!! We'll work on a future visit!

    R, The olive grove is great, our kids love it. They call it their "woods".
    The weather has been pretty crappy for the last week though. It's been raining and cold until today. Now, it's really windy and much colder. Hopefully, the sun will come out again next week and I'll have a better weather report.

  16. Here's a closer look at the beehive. I didn't want to get too close as I'm sure that most of you understand!

    No I don't understand, elaborate please.

    Haha, just kidding. ;D

  17. John, you crack me up! Next time you're here I'll have you go check out the bees! I'll give you a huge stick to whack them with...then let's see what happens. Just be sure to pack an Epipen...just in case :)