Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thessaloniki, turkey & tree...

So I mentioned that I don't like to let more than a week lapse between posts and then 2 weeks slide by...

The main reason?

My laptop crashed. I was out of commission for a few days.

Now that everything is working again I'll share some pictures from last week...

We went into the city to take care some things and Alexandra loved visiting the pigeons.

Before leaving, we enjoyed coffee at Starbucks while Alexandra indulged in a giant cookie.
That evening, we listened to an amazing woman speak about working with children in Africa.


Thanksgiving!!! I hope that all of you that celebrated had a nice one! Although it was a regular weekday I still made a turkey & some fixings. I didn't go overboard though. This year's Thanksgiving was much nicer since I had myself together and shopped earlier. I bought the turkey a few months ago so all that I had to do is remember to take it out of the freezer on time.

The kids helped by helping mash the potatoes and also setting the table. It's not a formal setting by any means but we love our Fiestaware. My friends Beth & Linda turned me on to it years ago. I think of them each time I use any of it, which is daily. Thanks you two!

Kosta's plate-turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and stuffing.


We put up our Christmas tree.

That's last week! This week has been a sick week. Iza & Foti came down with a nasty virus and have been home from school since Tuesday. Actually, Iza went to school today. Foti will more than likely go back tomorrow. Iza is excited to go to school tomorrow because she'll be bringing a cake and treats in order to celebrate her name day, which is Saturday. Her middle name is "Victoria"-a version of my mother-in-law's name-"Niki"- which is what we celebrate. She's been announcing it to everyone a week. So, I hope that she enjoys herself tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back dear friend Cheryl. You post is nice like your lovely family. Love the pictures and the text. Regards, Philip

  2. Philip, Thank you!!! It's always nice to have you visit...:)

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Oh, the tree looks so nice. I love the picture of Alexandra eating her cookie, so cute!
    Nice to see you again,

  4. so glad to have you back again. thanks for sharing thanksgiving with us, it is one holiday i would like to celebrate sometime in my life, and preferably in the country where it was born

  5. Lovely photos, I shall definately come and visit you again.

  6. Maria, Thank you! I'm glad to share my life with all of you. Maybe one day you'll have the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time to visit as there's always so much to do. Have a great weekend!

    Jude, Thank you and WELCOME! I noticed that you were my new follower and I have looked at your lovely site, I just haven't had time to comment yet. I love your photos also. What an interesting life you lead! I'll definitely be in touch!!Take care! I hope that you have a great weekend!

  7. Cheryl, your kids are gorgeous, love the outfit on your daughter. I've missed Canadian Thanksgiving twice now (mid October) by being in Greece during that time and both times I wanted to do a turkey. Didn't though because just for the two of us it would have been too much. None of the Greek family would have enjoyed it. Maybe next year I'll just search for turkey pieces. Nice to see you back..ciao

  8. hey cheryl -- i'm teaching beth how to comment on your blog! :)

  9. Hi Cheryl,
    I heard about the riots in Greece. I hope no one you know was hurt. Scary stuff!
    Hope your well,

  10. Oh my gosh, Alexandra's outfit is too fabulous! She is absolutely precious (although I'm sure you knew that).

    We had our Thanksgiving Saturday night, with 12 people! First time I've cooked for that many. It was a hit, although everyone rejected the pumpkin pie and devoured the pecan pie. I guess I have to quit making pumpkin things because Greeks seem to hate them. I love them, but I can't eat a whole pumpkin pie by myself!

    We meant to decorate for Christmas before Saturday but we didn't have the time. Hopefully we will this weekend. Would be better if we had kids to help decorate!

  11. I really would like Alexandra's cookie right now.
    & pretty tree. We should be getting ours soon. My parents always take forever, if I never said anything we'd probably have a tree by Christmas eve.

    I like the skiing snowman haha

  12. Linda, Cool...her comments are always great!

    Angela, thanks! We're all fine and our friends in the city are all ok. It's scary stuff. We were just it the city again on Saturday early afternoon. I hope that it ends soon.

    Mel-Thank you! I love her outfit also. She wore it last year and I'm so happy that it still fits her.
    Congrats on having a successful dinner, I was wondering about how yours turned out. From my experience, the Greeks that I know like to use pumpkin or squash in pitas rather than the pies that we make. I haven't quite acquired the taste of phyllo covered pumpkin yet. Although, I'm always polite enough to try new Greek desserts...
    About decorating...the kids were driving us nuts for almost 2 weeks to put the tree up because they've seen them all over the place. Traditionally put it up on the weekend after Thanksgiving. The kids were very helpful! Now let's see how much help they are when we have to take it down!

    Grotesko-I know. I love the big cookies at Starbucks. The skiing snowman sings...the first day it was out I was ready to throw it off the balcony...:P

  13. Rositta, thank you for the compliments.
    About turkey, whenever I make it for my Greek family and friends they seem to like it, or so they say. The turkey that I bought was only about 9lbs. We had more potatoes and stuffing left than turkey.


  15. Hello Cheryl,
    I enjoy using my photos as cards any time of the year. I took those snow covered lemons last Feb. Those photos of your children would look great as Christmas cards,

  16. it really does look like Karamanlis is following your child!

  17. Cheryl,
    Linda taught me how to do this, so now you'll hear from me this way too. Your turkey looked fabulous! We haven't been doing the first Turkey of the season on Halloween since you guys can't come anymore.


  18. Hey great photos! I sure wish I was there with you and all that delicious food! That looks just TOO good!! =P

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    Cheers from the same hemisphere -for once!
    -Geekgoddess XX
    (can't post under name, sorry!)