Monday, August 24, 2009

Interestingly Serene...

As I approached the crumbling walls to take a photo I came across this scene. So quiet. So, interestingly serene.


  1. Isn't that gorgeous, what do you think he's thinking??

  2. Maria...yes... was quiet and relaxing up there.:)

    Jude...I'm sure that he was wondering what the heck I was doing there and later, he was wondering if I had food! He followed me to the car:)

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I love all of your beach pictures, it looks like such a great time. I wish I was there, the sand, the water, the sun! Yes, I did bring some Nescafe home with me but it is never the same. The frappes taste better in Greece, must be the water!
    Take care,

  4. Angela, Thank you:)

    I think that you're right, a frappe just isn't the same anywhere else.
    Have a nice week:)

  5. Cheryl,

    Stumbled across your blog quite by accident. I was searching for pictures of a box for baptism items for an upcoming baptism that I’m Nona for and the image I found brought me to your little corner of the world. I was intrigued and have read for almost two days. I just wanted to tell you that your posts connect with me in so many ways. I’m a Canadian girl who married into a Greek family. I still live here in Canada with my husband and two kids (aged 3 and 5), but your stories…let’s just say I can relate to so, so many of them. At least ten times in the past few days I’ve read something you’ve blogged about and thought, “there is SOMEBODY else in the world who sees the Greeks from the same perspective I do.” (loved your story about the medling neighbour – I can almost visualize her…I think some of her relatives live in my Father-in-law’s xorio!)

    I’m intrigued, enamoured, intrigued and perplexed by this culture all at once. Now tonight I’m looking through your playlist and notice so many songs that I have on my iPod. What’s funny is it’s not only the American music we enjoy in common….but the Greek. One of my all time favorite Greek songs is Xoris Esena by Despina Vandi. I got that CD on my first trip to Greece and have been in love with Greek music ever since. I also love Irthes by Sakis Rouvas. Anyway, I’ve rambled like a crazy person but I just wanted to come out of “lurking” to say hello and that I’ll continue to visit.

  6. Awww! He looks like he got whitewashed along with the walls! So serene like you say!

  7. Hello old friend! Rummaging through some old photos the other night of when I used to date George M. back in the day ,prompted me to look you up online, to see if you were on Facebook or something. I came across your blog,and have been sucked in ! I love it! Your photos and stories are great..and to see you (& your beautiful family) just flooded my mind with memories. You still look gorgeous as always.I hope we can chat's been quite awhile. Say hello to Kosta for me too.

  8. Jenn,

    First I want to say Thank YOU! Your comment is one of the best compliments that I've received since I started the blog. I'm humbled knowing that you can relate to many of my experiences. It's always nice to know that there's someone else out there ;)'re going to be a Nona! That's always exciting, what an honor. I'd love to see photos of how everything turns out for you.
    My want to know something? I can't listen to it anymore! Due to licensing restrictions the music is blocked here! I may have to remove it...but I'm glad that you enjoy the same music. Each song has deep meaning for me. Although, the Sakis Rouvas picks are mostly for Izabella...she wants to marry him:)
    I could go on forever, but I won't just now. I'm so happy that you stumbled upon my little corner of the blogosphere and I even more happy that you came out of lurking. It's nice to meet you Jenn. Stay in touch!!
    Again, thank you:)

    Liz, he was whitewashed up there and took me by surprise when he turned his head. It was absolutely serene up on that hill. Have a nice weekend!


    I'm so happy that you found me...hiding in plain sight! ;) I'm even happier that you commented,it's always great hearing from friends that I've lost touch with. I actually found a letter that you had written me, from the first time that we lived here, a short while ago. My sister Taurus...we're still on the same wavelength!
    I'm glad to hear that you're also a mother of 3! I'll get in touch with you soon, we can chat. My email
    Your comment was a sweet surprise-thank you! Enjoy your weekend~~~
    Many kisses!!