Wednesday, August 5, 2009


She's gone.

It's been a week since we've seen her.

Last Wednesday, as we were leaving, she ran out of the gate into the fields near our home. I called her, I tempted her with treats, I followed her. She kept running until I couldn't see her. I waited. I waited for about 20 minutes but I had to be somewhere. I left. I left hoping to find her at our gate when I returned, like many times before.
I returned.
She wasn't at the gate.
I called her name hoping that she was near and that she would come wiggling her little body, waiting for her to jump and twirl.
We searched...armed with treats.
We waited.
Days passed.
I checked the gate and was almost certain that I heard her bark, but again nothing.
We walked the area several times, asking strangers if they'd seen her. The answer was typically a nonverbal sneer.
I hope that she's ok.

I'm sure that someone probably took her...a complete package...sweet, clean and even wearing a brand new collar that I'd adorned her with just a day before.

The kids still look for her everyday. As we drive, we always look for her.
The girls have cried.
Izabella is worried that someone that finds her might feed her table food, raisins or chocolate.
Foti is worried that Tarzan will get sick from sadness since he's alone outside.
I stand on my balcony staring out at the fields hoping that I'll see her run back.
I stand on my balcony listening to dogs barking in the distance, hoping that I'll hear her.

I know that it's possible that she had a family before she found us, maybe she went back to that family.


Maybe the gypsies that camp at the beach nearby took her.
Maybe she'd had enough of Tarzan's rough puppy play.
Maybe she found another family and there are kids that love her just as much as ours do.
Maybe she got hurt.
Maybe she got lost.
Maybe if I had run faster I could have caught up to her and she would have flopped on her back so that I could rub her belly, pick her up and carry her home-like I've done before.
Maybe the dog lady snatched her up.
Maybe she'll come back in a week
or a month.

We miss her.

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  1. Oh, good grief, how awful, poor you, poor children, think poitively..I have no others words I can say..positive!! and a prayer maybe. My heart goes out to you x

  2. i'm sure she's probably found her first family, so you can rest assured she's ok

  3. I feel bad for the kids, I am sure it is tough.

  4. We get so attached to them! The Greeks are so much more philosophical, but somehow that doesn't change how we feel.

    I know the pup was a third wheel for a while, but they sneak into your heart, don't they...

  5. Jude, thank you! The kids are fine now-they've actually asked for a replacement-that is "if she doesnt' come back". Kids. But, she's a wandering spirit, what can we do?

    Phivos, thank you for the compliment. It's nice that I've captured these moments with her, great memories.

    Maria, you're probably right. It could be one of those summer/winter situations. You know, when people have dogs at their summer homes and turn them out when they leave for the winter... Who knows? All I know is that she was happy here and we loved her. We remain postitive!

    Pumpkin, yes the kids. What's positive in this situation is that they're learning great lessons in life. Miss you...

    truestarr, yes...most Greeks have it worked out and they don't get attached as much as we do. She was a third wheel that won our hearts. I've accepted that she's just a wandering spirit. She's probably found herself comfort again. But, I still wonder why she didn't come back. It will pass:)
    Glad to have you following!

  6. How odd. She was headed somewhere, it seems. I hope she's happy where she is. Regardless, you did well by her, and she was a very fortunate dog to have wedged herself into your family when she needed to.

  7. Syd, is odd. She's always wandered before and either sat in front of the gate or squeezed herself in through the bars. She did seem like she was on a mission. The only reason that she wasn't on a leash is because Tarzan chewed through hers just days before. I had been leashing her when opening the gate because she'd run out and I'd have to wait to make sure she came back in. Anyway...yes, she was happy here and we did love her and I'm glad for that. I'm sure that she's fine. Everyone that sees her can't help but to adore her.

    Rick, I know. :(

  8. If the 'running out' was a new behavior, it certainly lends credence to the possibility that she was going somewhere she knew, like to a former family. Don't be shocked if you find her back on your doorstep in a few months when they head back to wherever they were when she showed up the last time.

  9. You know, Geena is very much attached to me, and will follow me wherever I go and in fact, becomes a little disturbed if someone else tries to lead her away from me when we are out of the house - but when she would see her other family, she didn't give a hoot if I left without her or not.

    She was equally attached to them, despite the fact that she'd permanently abandoned them because of the noise around their house. I wonder if Asproula didn't have a similar situation.

    I have no doubt today that if her first family showed up, my totally devoted dog would happily hop in the car with them and not look back. And I'm okay with that. I'd miss her...but she'd be just as happy.

  10. Syd, it's ironic that you mention that she probably had somewhere to go because I was just discussing that with our neighbors. They were outside when she left and witnessed how she didn't even look back, she just wandered away. I wouldn't be surprised if she shows up later either.
    Asproula was a lot like Geena, where she would bark if someone came too close to me...even Gigi sometimes. She had actually violently attacked Gigi a few times- which was cause for concern so we kept them apart unless we were outside with them. I think she knew where she was going or she would have been back, because she always came back, even if she had to squeeze through the bars on the gate. I'm sure she's happy, she has a wandering spirit. It's funny that you mentioned that Geena would hop in a car with her other family and not look back; I had a dream last night and Asproula's little face was looking at me from the inside of a car as it was driving away! She was in the passenger seat:)
    My little wandering Asproula. That's how she came and that's how she left. She calls the shots!

    Have a nice weekend:)

  11. I am sooo soo sorry what a horrible story!! You must have been so sad and I can't imagine how tragic it is for your children! My sister had the same thing happen to her dog Peanuts (fortunately the sister dog Pretzel decided to return home when they ran away as a pair).

    Warm thoughts going out to you and your family.


  12. Toma,
    thank you for your wonderfully kind comment. I suppose that it was strange for your sister to only have one dog return home out of the pair, but at least Pretzel came back. If only the dogs could tell the story of where they've been and what they've done!!
    Losing Asproula was tragic for the kids during the first few days but I think that I was more attached than they were! I am certain that I can hear her barking in the's not to far and it's an area that we haven't been through. So, tomorrow I'm heading over there! Also, we thought that we spotted her along a road near our home tonight...Kosta stopped the car-I got looked like her...but it wasn't! It was a dog that looked so similar to her, without a collar and it ran away from me. I can't imagine Asproula running from me. And, this dog seemed to be a little more white than Asproula. I was so disappointed that it wasn't her- but there's still hope!
    Have a great week Toma!

  13. My kids miss Asprula as well. Interestingly enough we've come across a delightful puppy, whose name is Mavroula. She is a small/medium sized dog, all black except for white paws and some white patches on the chest. Fantastic dog, doesn't bark, and doesn't jump on you unless you tease her with food :) She is a stray, is being cared for at the moment, but needs a home. her floppy ears and tongue that seems a bit too big for a dig her size are certainly endearing traits. She fit into a pack of semi-strays here where I work immediately, and appears to play well with others. Please let Cheryl know if you are interested. We have pictures!

  14. Dear're pulling on my heart strings...
    Yes, everyone please let me know if you are interested in Mavroula, as she is adorable and well cared for.

    Have a wonderful day:)

  15. Thank you Kat:) Let's see what happens in a few weeks when the summer residents leave...